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This is What You Need to Know About Electronic Sports (eSports) Gambling

Let’s put online slots aside and play a different game. Would you like to try skin betting or eSports gambling? Don’t worry if these terms sound strange because we have conducted an in-depth research to help you understand the growing gambling world. Let’s talk about eSports games and everything you need to know.

eSports Games

eSports games are online games played by one or several individuals on a console or computer. Competitive video games emerged with the introduction of the computer and the internet has made it possible to play them online. The eSports gambling industry is worth 900m dollars and is expected to reach 30B dollars by 2020. According to research, about 1 billion (1 out of every 7) people play video games.

Casual and Professional Video Game Players

Most video game players are casual gamers who play occasionally just to have fun. They participate in organized competitions and online tournaments. Other gamers are professionals who play video games to earn money. They participate in live competitions where they earn millions. The games are streamed on different platforms including YouTube and Twitch. ESPN and other popular broadcasts show these tournaments.

eSports Gambling vs Regular Gambling

If a gamer visits online casinos such as William Hill, 10Bet, Betfair, and Bet365, they will realize that the two types of gambling are the same. They can choose their favorite games and competitors. However, eSports games involve using computers while traditional games involve using one’s brain and physical skills.

eSports Games are Becoming Popular

There are many betting options for eSports gamers including skin, real cash, fantasy, challenge, and social betting. The industry is highly profitable. For example, skin betting allows many players to sell, purchase, or swap items using virtual currency. The League of Legends (LoL) is one of the famous eSports leagues. The multiplayer game got its inspiration from Warcraft.

Will eSports gambling prevail over traditional betting in the future? Share your views with us.

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