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How Bitcoin Emerged and Became Popular in the Modern World

Many remarkable changes have taken place in recent years and affected online casinos, mobile games, and multiplayer games in different ways. For instance, playing is now easier than before because of bitcoin. It all began as a simple project and turned into the simplest payment method for online casinos.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Nakamoto conceptualized bitcoin in 2008 while trying to develop a payment system with no central authority. He conveyed his cryptography message in November 2008 and the news spread to the dark web. His invention became a huge network one year later. Bitcoin users use encrypted wallets with signatures to store bitcoins. Volunteers or miners keep the bitcoin system running by offering computing power.

A Growing Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin gained popularity rapidly and organizations like WikiLeaks wanted to donate anonymously. Nakamoto decided to allow tech experts to develop the project. Exchanges like BTC-e and Mt.Gox started to emerge and many online traders started to use bitcoin. There were over one million operational bitcoins by 2013.

Bitcoin also entered our living rooms when Hollywood writers mentioned it in their scripts in 2012. Some good examples include shows like Mad Money and The Good Wife.

By 2010, many online casinos allowed their players to use various payment methods. However, some of these methods charged fees and involved middle-men. For this reason, casinos like BitStarz, Grand Eagle, The Golden Gate, and The D started to use bitcoin. More casinos will continue to use bitcoins because of the increasing number of bitcoin debit cards and ATMs.

Use Bitcoin Now

Bitcoin is now a popular payment method and you can use it when you visit online casinos. It’s a fast payment method with almost no transaction fees. Try it and share your views with us.

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