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How I Stopped Feeling Anxious About Random Number Generators

Many people think they know how to increase their winning chances and that’s great because everyone wants to win.

However, gambling is like life because you can’t have fun if you can’t let go.


Stop Controlling the Outcomes

People have tried to develop winning systems to increase their chances of winning, but such systems don’t work.

You’ll only be frustrated if you try one. I once tried it while playing roulette and failed terribly.

I placed a bet of $5 on black and doubled the amount every time I failed.

After one hour, I managed to win back all losses and ended up with $100.

Unfortunately, red came up six consecutive times and I was no longer able to win back my losses.

I felt frustrated and tried to rethink my gambling strategy and life in general.


Learn to Let Go

Take some time to think about what you love. Is it your relatives, friends, memorable moments, or accomplishments?

You’ll realize that most of these things are all about luck.

They just happen and we can’t control them.

You couldn’t control your own birth and no one can force you to love.

When I tried roulette for the first time, I realized that I was extremely controlling, so I decided to stop.

I started to experience peace after letting go.

I learned that happiness is all about doing what you can.


Love RNGs

The Roman scriptwriter Terence said life is like a dice game because you have to play regardless of the number you throw.

Online casinos like Casumo use RNGs as their dice.

They use a computer software to generate random numbers and this means you can’t control the outcome.

This makes the game more interesting.

My most favorite win of $1,000 happened while playing video poker.

Such moments can happen when you least expect them and that’s exactly why we keep on playing.

Finally, remember that you can’t control the outcomes of RNGs.

Having fun is all about expecting good or bad outcomes.

It’s also important to read about every game, play wisely, and play games with the best odds.


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