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13 Amazing Songs for Casino Players

New casino-themed songs emerge every year and play an important role in influencing human gambling habits. In fact, it’s hard to separate gambling from music. If you want to hear those catchy beats and hooks, online casinos allow you to mute slot sounds to enjoy the music. We’ve made things easier for you by creating a list of 13 amazing songs to help you create a winning environment while playing casino games.

  • Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley’s song about one of the most popular gambling destinations will make you think about casino games, tables, and the players. It gets players in the right mood by bringing Sin City visions.
  • Luck Be a Lady – Perhaps Lady Luck will favor you if you listen to Frank Sinatra’s song while playing casino games.
  • James Bond Theme – John Barry’s iconic song has featured in all James Bond movies since 1962.
  • Tumbling Dice – This incredible tune by The Rolling Stones was once one of the top ten songs in UK and US charts. Let it play as you spin the reels.
  • The Jack – This AC/DC tune uses poker metaphors to influence your mood.
  • The Ace Of Spades – Motorhead released this tune to capture the excitement of blackjack fans.
  • Roll of the Dice– This amazing Bruce Springsteen song is a perfect combination of great lyrics and a thrilling tune. The singer associates gambling with affection.
  • Blackjack – Ray Charles’ song is suitable for blackjack players. It has the power to influence your emotions.
  • The Gambler – Kenny Rogers’ song is one of the best poker songs because of its incredible story, tune, advice, and the ability to trigger feelings.
  • Too Much Ain’t Enough – This song was sung by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Although the song is about a young lady, it uses numerous gambling metaphors.
  • Ooh! Las Vegas – Emmylou Harris’ song is about alcohol and gambling. It talks about chasing losses and hoping to win while drinking.
  • Norman the Gambler – Max Romeo’s song is a great tune for reggae fans. It’s about a gambler named Norman and the beat might help you win.
  • The Winner Takes It All – This amazing disco tune by Abba will help you get ready to play poker and slot games while dancing.

Choose your favorite casino game, play these awesome songs, and enjoy every moment. Finally, remember to share your thoughts on these songs and other great casino-themed songs.

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