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Social Gaming Apps and Mobile Pokies

Mobile technologies have revolutionized our experience at casinos and many modern gamers prefer mobile games to traditional desktop games.

Players in the gambling world can easily access a wide range of new mobile games including bingo and pokies.

The most popular casino games include mobile slots and social gambling apps.

Let’s find out which one of them is the best.


The Social Gambling Industry

A study involving gamers (18-70 years old) from the U.K, U.S, and Australia revealed that about 40% of mobile and desktop players enjoy playing social games.

Social gaming takes place on social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, and Myspace.

In 2014, Zynga launched poker on Facebook allowing players to use real money.

Currently, numerous free games and gambling apps are available on social media platforms.

Players can now play poker, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat on social media.

According to research, about 66.7% of social media gamers are aged between 35 and 70 years and about 50% of them live in the U.S.


Huge Prizes

More than 60% of all social media gambling activities take place on Facebook and players can only play with real money if they reside in permitted countries.

About 20% of all social gamblers use real money.

Facebook fans can now play hold’em and pokies with strangers or friends.

Also, the number of social players who use mobile gambling apps has increased and the industry is currently worth about 3 billion dollars.

Social casinos can now make a lot of money via social media and mobile apps.


Mobile Slots

Studies conducted between 2015 and 2017 revealed that more than 50% of casino players in Australia and U.S play online slots.

Interestingly, most U.K-based social gamers play bingo.

The second biggest group includes people who play poker via social gambling and mobile apps.

A 2017 study revealed that more than 40% of all social gamers played with real money and 10% were big spenders who spent about 25 percent of the regular monthly salary.

Most players love pokies because of the bonuses, features, varying paylines, free spins, big jackpots, and impressive themes.

Players also play bingo, roulette, and mobile card games.

Generally, mobile slots are now competing against land-based games because they are available and affordable.

Some online casinos allow players who play mobile pokies with real money to use cryptocurrencies.

Online casinos also use extensive promos to entice new players.


Mobile pokies in Tomorrow’s iGaming World

Many gamblers are now using gambling apps and social media platforms because they own smartphones.

The wireless gaming market is now worth over 16 billion dollars and every operator is trying to stay on top of the competition by providing new games.

Some popular social gambling apps include Big Fish CasinoZynga, Slotomania, and Slotu.

The best slot apps by Zynga include Hit it Rich and Farmville.

Slotomania attracts about 6 million users every month and Slotu offers more than 6,777 high-tech slot machines.

In sum, today’s technology has led to the introduction of new pokies with advanced graphics and impressive soundtracks.

That’s why modern gamers love slots.

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