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How Casinos Have Inspired the Development of Techwear

You probably own or know someone who owns some techwear. High-tech wearable devices such as watches have emerged in recent years making it possible to perform important tasks such as heart rate monitoring. Where did the inspiration to develop such devices come from? Well, it seems casinos have played a significant role in inspiring modern techwear.

Beating the Game with Techwear

A card counting expert named Edward Thorp came up with a technique for beating the game. In 1961, he collaborated with Claude Shannon to increase their odds while playing roulette. They used a small computer to identify wheel anomalies and predict the ball’s possible landing position. Surprisingly, the device increased their odds by 44%. After a decade of Thorp’s famous strategy, Keith Taft created a more advanced counting device called George. He placed the device inside his shoes and tapped it with his toes to know his chances of winning. These were remarkable technologies in the 1960s and the 1970s.

People such as Thorp and Taft made a lot of money for over 10 years using their techwear. However, the State of Nevada declared their devices illegal and passed statutes in 1985. Any device that could predict game outcomes, track cards, analyze probabilities, and analyze betting or playing strategies became illegal. Other Jurisdictions with similar statutes include Macao, New Jersey, and Indian reservations.

Modern-Day Casino Techwear

Although the devices developed by Thorp and Taft are illegal, they definitely had a significant impact on modern-day technology. In 1981, Steve Mann developed a high-tech backpack and came up with a headgear webcam in 1994. Some other outstanding developments include Fitbit products, the Nike + iPod kit, Apple Watch, and Google Glass. You can even play some online casino games on a smartwatch! In fact, virtual reality has now entered the online casino industry.

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