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How Much Do You Spend at Casinos on Valentine’s Day

We all know Valentine’s Day as the world’s most romantic day.

Many people spend a lot of money on chocolates, candy, flowers, clothes, books, and ornaments on this special day.

Should we spend our money on the people we love or entertain ourselves?

Let’s talk about how much people spend on this romantic day on NZ Online Casinos.


Valentine’s Day Gifts

Surprisingly, people in the United States spend approximately $19B on the most romantic day on earth.

That’s definitely a huge amount of cash.

Do you want to know how much they spend on flowers and candy?

Well, the US spends $2B on flowers and $1.7B on candy!

Moreover, people exchange approximately 200 million cards on Valentine’s Day.

So, what’s the total cost of all the cards exchanged on the day of love?

You are right if your guess is $1B.

We also spend around $4.3B on Jewelry on this special day!

Yes, billions of dollars!

What is your Valentine’s Day budget for the candy and chocolates you purchase for the people you love?

How much are you willing to spend on your spouse on the day we all celebrate love?

What’s your online casino budget on Valentine’s Day?

We would like to know your Valentine’s Day budget as well as your online casino budget to learn more about how people spend their money on this special holiday.

The information you share will help us to improve our knowledge base.

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