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 Five slot trends sweeping the online casino sector


 Slots are the most exciting and thrilling games offered at an online casino and here are five of the biggest trends sweeping the sector right now

The online casino sector is exciting and thrilling and is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people and players from around the world. 

Things are constantly changing, with new brands, games, features and tools being made available to consumers almost every week. 

There are now a huge number of slots sites available to players, and while each offers something a bit different, they all offer a compelling player experience.

Regardless of where you play, a revolution is sweeping across the online casino market and taking the casino experience you receive to the next level.

Here are five of the biggest trends that are happening right now…


Top 5 Slot Trends in New Zealand


1) Jackpot games are becoming increasingly popular

Massive Progressive Jackpot IconIf you look at the game lobbies of your favourite online casinos, you will see more and more jackpot games being offered.

In the past you might only have found big-name titles such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune.

Some operators are even launching dedicated jackpot tabs so that you can easily find all of the jackpot games they offer.

We are seeing developers break new ground with the jackpot slots they are launching.

Red Tiger has developed Daily Jackpots that must pay out before a specific time of day as well as jackpots that must pay out before a specific prize pool is hit.

Why are jackpot games becoming so popular?

We believe it is because they offer the same thrill of a normal slot with the added anticipation of a life changing win.

And all of this from a relatively small stake.


2) High volatility slots are storming up the charts

Big Time Gaming has enjoyed a meteoric rise up the slots charts with titles such as Bonanza, Extra Chilli and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Why? Because these are high variance games that deliver more Canadian Online Casino Slot Game Iconanticipation of a big win than any other slots that have come before them.

They have really captured the attention of players which in turn has led to other developers launching games that sit at the high end of the volatility scale.

This is interesting because, in the past, high variance slots were often the game of choice for experienced players but they are now enjoying mass appeal.

Expect this to continue over the coming months and years.


3) Gamification is taking player engagement to the next level

Online Casino Lucky Horse Shoe IconOnline casinos are taking inspiration from the video game world when it comes to the loyalty schemes they offer players.

Instead of your standard points-based programmes, players are now required to undertake missions and complete tasks in order to earn badges, clear levels and unlock prizes.

This is a great way of rewarding player loyalty while also delivering tremendous added value to the experience received at the casino.

We are also seeing gamification appear within slots games themselves, with bars and meters to track the progress being made.

Of course, slots tournaments that have become hugely popular are another way of gamifying the online slots experience.

By allowing players to earn points for hitting certain game features and ranking on a leaderboard to earn prizes.


4) Slots where players control the narrative

In addition to gamification, pokie machine developers are also taking other aspects of video games and porting them into their latest titles.deck of cards gambling

One of these is narrative-based games, and giving the slots player control over the outcome of their wager.

In some cases, this sees players collect points/coins which can be exchanged to purchase a certain game feature or enter the bonus round.

Other games are being built with chapters that players complete and work through until they reach the end of the story.

These games are becoming hugely popular and are bridging the gap between video and mobile games and online casino.


5) Slots designed for streaming

nz pokie machineToday, a growing number of slots players are streaming their activity to audiences around the world and developers are creating games with this in mind.

While slots streaming has yet to become quite as popular as video game streaming.

It is not uncommon for the most popular stars to have audiences of tens of thousands.

These viewers want to see games that look visually stunning.

Slots have authentic sound and, most importantly, that deliver hugely exciting gameplay.

To do this, developers are pushing boundaries when it comes to design.

Math and mechanics to deliver games that are not only great to play, but great to watch, too.

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