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Welcome to CasinoGuide! The first CasinoGuide comaparison site was launched in Sweden in 2003. The name is important to our site – CasinoGuide is our brand that stands for the casino knowledge we share.

How it all started

CasinoGuide.se was launched in 2003 as one of Sweden’s first major guide for casino enthusiasts. Up until the present day, we are still working hard to keep players up to date with the latest trends and market news, objective casino reviews and information about the most popular games. Today, CasinoGuide is run by the award-winning affiliate company Raketech. Raketech is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and specializes in comparison sites, online guides and communities with thousands of iGaming fans.

The idea behind ​​CasinoGuide is based on a genuine interest in online casino games and the wide range of online casinos that are constantly developing. We love to play pokies, but that doesn’t mean we will play just anywhere. We believe you should always be a little picky and demand that the online casino you choose meets your expectations.

Our guide is constantly under development to provide you with up-to-date information on everything regarding online casinos.

Our mission

Playing casino online can be a great experience, as long as you play at the right online casino, and we’re here to show you the way to the best one for you. As we mentioned, we love casino games – but are definitely a little picky. We think that you, just like us, should be critical when choosing a new casino platform. We are selective and want everything at a casino to be as perfect as possible.

By everything we mean the design, the user-experience, getting access to fair bonuses and excellent support. We try all the online casinos that we review and we give the games a spin to check out the vibe at the casino in question. Our goal is to gather all the casino knowledge we have and present our advice and tips through CasinoGuide.

We want you, as a player, whether you are an experienced and full-fledged casino expert or a beginner who has never played before, to see us as your personal guide in the complex casino industry. We put our heart and soul into this site and want you to know that we’re here to help you. Our business model is based on advertisements and marketing of casinos. On our page Terms and Conditions you can read more about this.

Important information about our site

We’ve all probably heard about cookies, but may not really know what that means. You can access this information on our cookie-page. When you use our site there are certain rules and we advice you to take a look at the terms of use page to get the information that you need. If anything is unclear, you are welcome to contact us with your questions.

At CasinoGuide, we promote responsible gaming and are adamant that online casino gaming is a type of entertainment that should be exercised with moderation. We know that big wins can be appealing and make players want to play more and thus make additional or bigger deposits. To avoid this, we recommend that you read through our page about responsible gambling and that you utilize the tools available for you.

We test and review online casinos

CasinoGuide is one of many comparison sites out there and we are working hard to be the best in all situations. We partner with some of the most popular online gaming sites. This means a close collaboration where we have personal contact with representatives from the casino. All focus is on presenting an accurate picture of the casino.

We evaluate the range of games and conduct a thorough analysis of the online casino we are reviewing, going into the small details and highlight important facts. We ask questions about how accessible and helpful the support functions are and whether the casino site works well on mobile devices.

We test play new games and always keep up to date with the latest news in the casino world and the rules that apply in the casino market so if you choose to play at a casino that we recommend on our site, you can be sure that you are playing at a reliable casino.

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