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Gambling online has provided an element of freedom and convenience that was never before witnessed by fans of casino and sports betting. However, with that increased freedom and convenience has also come more exposure than ever before. This means an increased danger of players spending more than they can afford, letting gambling take over their life, and letting it drastically affect their mood and mental health. This is at odds with the experience that casino games are supposed to provide players.

This has meant the issue of responsible gaming is more pertinent than ever before and safeguarding players needs to be a higher priority for those who provide players with casino services. In our role as a casino affiliate website, we are one of these services who must hold it as a top priority and this is what this responsible gaming page is all about.

This page aims to deal with the issue of responsible gaming by defining what it is so that you know whether or not you are practising it, explaining the dangers not practising it, and also providing you with tips and resources to make sure you can get back on the right track. Ultimately, the goal here is to ensure you are safe when playing at online casinos.

Of course, even if you don’t have a problem, reading this page is helpful so that you can make sure that it never happens to you. While it can also help you define the issues so that you can help other people around you who may not have the same control playing online that you have. As such, the information on this page can help anyone involved in casinos, as well as anyone who knows someone who plays them. 

Tips on how to gamble online safely

When it comes to responsible gambling, prevention is always better than the cure. As such, this page will start off with tips that will help you gamble safely. Below you will find our top tips to ensuring that when you play online, you are doing so in a way that is safe so you can avoid making the initial mistakes.

  • Only ever consider gambling as a source of entertainment – a common mistake for those starting out gambling is believing that gambling can become their main source of income. However, this is not the case. Becoming a professional gambler, while possible, is very unlikely and to rely on it as a stable source of income is a mistake. As the old phrase goes “it is the hardest way to make an easy living” and you should instead focus on playing games for entertainment purposes only.
  • Stay relaxed when gambling –  If your gambling is starting to stress you out and make you agitated then there is something wrong. You need to makes sure you keep a clear head and not let the game start playing you. Remember to take deep breaths if you need to and if you starting to get stressed out, it mean it is time to walk away.
  • Educate Yourself – Education is a valuable way to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed by your gambling. A lot of good information can be found on this page but there is a wealth of information online about problem gambling and how to avoid taking your playing too far. The more you know, the better chance you have of staying in control
  • Set a budget and stick to that budget – Financial strife is one of the most common consequences of those who fail to gamble responsibly. This is why budgeting is a good way to stay on top of your gaming behaviours. You need to set a figure for how much you are prepared to gamble and this should definitely be an amount you can afford to lose. Consider it an entertainment fund that is expendable. If you win and make a profit, happy days, but if you lose then at least you know it was only with money that you could afford to lose.
  • Never chase losses – Chasing loses and trying to make up the money you have lost will ultimately see you lose more money and in doing so exacerbate the issue. Therefore, if you have lost money, you should just let it go and if you have budgeted, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue anyway. Gamblers have good days and bad days but you chasing losses will only make the bad days worse.
  • Set time limits – If you are spending too much time on a casino it is just as much of a sign of responsible gambling as spending too much money is. This is why you should put the same precautionary methods in place and set limits to the time you spend playing games at online casinos. Once you have reached that time limit on the day, you simply walk away and come back again tomorrow.
  • Don’t consider wins to be guaranteed – Wins are a side product of the fun you get playing online casino games. Gaming should still be fun whether you win or lose, with winning increasing that fun. However, it is not guaranteed and so you shouldn’t treat as though it is and should think of wins as an added bonus to the enjoyable time you are having anyway.
  • Remember, losing is part of the game – This follows the same logic as above, losing is inevitable. Therefore, you should accept losing as much as you do winning, so don’t let it get you down or angry. Losing will happen just as much winning, if not more so and as the results are usually completely random there is nothing that you can do prevent it.
  • Never borrow money to fund gambling – This is where real problems can start as the second you start to borrow money you are in debt, and once you are in that situation, debt can quickly snowball and become an issue. Borrowing money to fund gambling means that you have overstepped the mark financially which is a major issue. If you are borrowing money, you have likely got a problem.
  • Don’t ever allow gambling to affect your personal or social life – Your personal and social life should be your priority and gambling should not start to affect these. If your gambling is affecting other areas of your life, then you need to evaluate the situation.
  • Stay connected with friends and family – Be honest and open with your friends and family about your gambling. You shouldn’t be hiding your gambling from your loved ones, nor should you lie about the extent of your gambling. Being connected with your family is also helpful as they can provide the support you need if gambling does become a problem.
  • Ignore superstitions or try to see trends that aren’t there– First and foremost, superstitions are not real and they will not help you. On the contrary, they can cause you to make mistakes and so you should not pay attention to them whatsoever. Moreover, casino games are completely random and this means trends won’t be possible either. Even if you think you see them, they are an illusion.
  • Spend the money you save when you cut down on gambling on other things you enjoy– if you put money you haven’t spent on casino towards other things, then you will see what you could be spending money on. This will help motivate you to cut down on your gambling even more.
  • Install – With the help of this tool, you will be able to block entry to any gambling sites which will be an easy way to help prevent you from entering the casinos. Obviously, this is for when you are sure you want to quick outright and not just cut down.

The issue with problem gambling is a slippery slope so these tips can help you prevent making those initial slip-ups and stay focused on playing in a way that is both safe and enjoyable.

Consequences of Gambling Issues

Many consequences of gambling are much publicised and well known but others are more niche and often ignored. It is always important to remember what can happen so you can avoid it happening to you.

Financial Trouble – this is likely the most well-known issue and some of the other consequences mentioned on this list will come back to this. Gambling revolves around money and it is all about winning and losing money but it is the latter that most people experience. Those who lose too much – defined as more than they can afford- can quickly end up on a slippery slope of debt. This is why you need to set budgets that you stick to strictly.

Family Issues – Problem gamblers will prioritise gambling over their family. Families can then be quickly torn apart from gamblers neglecting their family in favour of playing games. This could cause arguments within the family or separations. Money issues already caused many family break-ups and gambling is one thing that can make that worse quickly.

Depression – Depression from gambling is also common. This can not only come indirectly through family issue and finance, but it can also come purely from the experience of playing games. They can make you frustrated or angry and this can quickly develop into depression.

Problems at work – Players who end up spending playing too much time on casinos may see that their leisure time soon seeps over onto their working time too. Playing at work, for example, can obviously see repercussions and punishments. There is also the possibility that people who spend too much time playing at night may become tired the next day at work, or if their financial problems are too large, be unable to pay for transport to their workplace.

Legal Trouble – While this will happen at the upper end of the gambling addiction, legal trouble can soon develop into quite a serious consequence. Some gambling addicts may turn to crime to fund their habit and this can see them in trouble with the law.  

Preventive Measures

If you have seen that you may have an issue and want to remedy it to avoid the consequence, then you can use the following measure. Some of these are found at online casinos, while others you can implement yourself.

Set Reality Checks – You can turn on reality checks and when you do, notifications will pop up from time to time to ensure that you are aware of how long you have been playing. This is helping for knowing when to walk away.

Set Deposit Limits- You can choose to set a deposit limit for a day, week, or month. This is helpful for budgeting as once you set this, it will prevent you from spending any more money on that day.

Set Cooling-off Periods – If you set a cooling-off period you can freeze your casino account for around 30 days. This gives you the chance to take a break and reconsider your approach to gaming. Then, after the 30 days, you can evaluate your gaming with fresh eyes.

Self-Excluding – If the cooling-off period isn’t long enough, you can choose to self-exclude. This a more permanent option found at online casinos and will be a time limit, that can be as long as a lifetime exclusion, during which you won’t be able to access that casino.

Gambling History- Looking back at your internet history and seeing how often you have visited casinos or deposited money. This can help give you an overview of how much time you have been spending on these sites. It might not make for happy reading. 

Unfollow Social Media Pages- Social media is a big part of our day to day life and most people access it daily. Often casino content can be found on social media and so unfollowing or blocking these accounts can prevent temptation.

GamStop – GamStop is another great service that can prevent you from accessing casino content whether that be the casinos themselves, ads, or email subscriptions.

Gambling Addiction Resources

As well as the help we have provided, there is a wide section of specialist sites that are committed to helping users. Choose from the options below for help, support and more advice.



Phone: 0808 8020 133



Phone: 0808 8020 133

Gambler Anonymous


Phone: (626) 960 3500

National Council On Problem Gambling


Phone: 1 800 5224 700

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