James Bond is a movie that has transcended generations yet one thing that remains common in every release of the movie is a casino scene. To be specific the love for the baccarat card game that has its origins in the 15th century. This is a game with only one aim, get as close to the number nine when you draw your first two cards and you are a winner. It sounds very simple because it is, which is why the game is favoured by the high rollers at every casino. The odds are not that great but if you bet high enough, it’s always worth it. Check out our simple tutorial of how to play Baccarat to find out if this could be the game for you.

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Before you play the game of baccarat for fun there are a few things you need to consider. This game normally has two parties involved, the banker and the player. These two participants have three options in the game, either to win, lose or draw. The draw in this game normally has the highest odds, which is about eight to one. The win and the lose odds are never that far apart depending on the casino that you are playing at. The odds are normally in the range of 1.29 percent for the banker and 1.01 on the player

Baccarat is dependent on luck for most of the time however for this luck to manifest itself there are a couple of decisions that players have to make. Players’ moves in baccarat are controlled by the cards that they are dealt which means that a certain amount of skill is required in choosing your next move after the first cards have been dropped (whether you are playing on a casino table or baccarat online). You have to also consider that any card with a value that is higher than nine is considered as a zero, which means your card options are limited from the very start and only the right combination can save you.

The gist of the game is that two hands are dealt and players make baccarat bets on which side will win, lose or draw. Each hand will consist of either two or three cards. The dealer places two cards face down under the dealers ‘shoe to the player with the highest wager, this player will look at the cards and hand them back to the dealer who will turn all cards over. Shortly after one of the dealers will announce the winner of the hand. The game is played on a table that is almost the size of the one used in craps. There are three dealers and a maximum of fourteen players per hand.

  • Dealer places two cards face down under the dealer’s shoe
  • Three dealers and a maximum of fourteen players
  • Baccarat table is the size of a craps table

Baccarat Rules Explained

Baccarat rules take some time to master unlike other gambling games but once you fully comprehend them the game becomes quite easy. The most important rule in Baccarat is for the player to consider which hand they think will be a winner. To make this decision well a player needs to be versed with certain rules that affect their baccarat bets, drawing rules and hand rules these are normally dependent on the casino and variation of the Baccarat game. Learning these rules is important and the first step is to brush up on your baccarat casino terminologies. Once you have the terminologies down you can easily understand and play any variation of the game. A popular variation of the game is tableau and the player rule in this game simply states that if you have a total of 5 or less then you draw the third card. If you have six or seven, you stand.

Baccarat Strategies

Playing baccarat is said to be very easy and all a player needs is an understanding of the games rules and lots of luck. Over the years however certain strategies have been devised in order to maximise wins. These strategies can be summarised as follows: choose a game with a few decks as possible, always bet on the bank and always devise a gaming plan beforehand that you will follow throughout the game. Betting on the bank is a baccarat strategy that is very good for your money management during a gaming session because this type of bet has the lowest house edge for most baccarat games.

It is important to note that basing your decisions on previous results is not advisable because the probability of a repeat is rare. You can also employ secondary strategies such as playing at physical or online casino that charges less than five percent commissions on bets made in favour of the bank. If you are keen on winning at baccarat then it is important to research the methods that have brought many players wins. This game has a high buy-in of about one hundred coins to as much as five hundred as a minimum, so it is wise to employ excellent strategies for such a hefty investment.

  • Plan a strategy before every gaming session and follow it
  • Always bet on the banker and Play for the lowest house edge possible
  • The fewer the decks the higher your chances of winning

Different Types of Baccarat

Since the fifteenth century, the game of baccarat has grown to become one of the most popular casino games in the world. This popularity has seen many different variations of the game develop. The main aim of the game has not changed and you still need a hand that is close to nine in order to win however every variation has a twist when it comes to the rules. The versions of the original game are European, Chemin de fer, Punto Banco and Mini Baccarat. The most popular of these games currently is the punto banco that is raking in a lot of money for casinos all over the world. In this version the casino always banks and plays both hands while following very strict drawing rules. This differs from the original rules where every hand was played by an individual who was expected to make all the drawing options.1

Tips and tricks for Baccarat beginners

If you are looking to join the Baccarat bandwagon then there are a few tips that are important. First and foremost you must learn and understand the basic rules of the game. Betting on the banker will always give you higher chances of a win because the bank always draws more cards. It is not necessary to bet every time, it is important to understand the mood and sway of the game before placing a bet. It is also paramount for the player understand the dynamics of how cards are dealt during a game in order to determine if they need a third card depending on the total of the first two.

Baccarat Glossary

  • House edge
  • Players and bankers rule
  • Card values
  • Third card rule
  • Natural hand

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of bets do you find in Baccarat?

There are generally three kinds of bets that can be placed in Baccarat, they are to win, lose or tie. A player can only win if the hand they draw is the closest to 9. A tie will occur when the banker and the player have the same value of cards.

What is the minimum bet that can be placed in baccarat?

Baccarat is a very easy game with very high stakes; this could be the reason that it is featured in many of the popular James Bond movies. The game was considered to be for the very affluent in society. For a chance to sit on the table a player needs a minimum of at least 25 to 100 coins depending on the casino.

Are all games of Baccarat the same?

No, not all games of Baccarat are the same. There are various versions of the game that have developed over time and they all have different twists to the original rules. The only similarity with all these games is that you still need to have drawn a hand that is closest to nine in order to win.

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