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If your hunting out a casino that offers player rewards for committing to their service, then Voodoo Dream’s is the place to be. This is because their wonderful loyalty program does exactly this.  However, unlikely other loyalty programs where you are given an allocated prize and reward scheme, the Voodoo Dream’s loyalty program let’s the player take control of their own destiny. They do this by letting you choose the rewards that you want and are going to be the most useful for you as a player.

How Does the Loyalty Program Work?

The scheme works, like most other programs, with a point system. In the same way as most schemes, these points can be won by playing and winning on your favourite games. The difference though is that there are two options to choose from, Experience Points (XP) and Spirit Points (SP).

The difference between these is that XP will help you reach new levels and this will then grant you access to better bonuses, or spells as they are known on the website. On the other hand, SP are the points used to cast the spells you unlock.

As such, you need both to help you progress through the scheme as well as in order to further your casino gameplay with additional funds to enjoy on their games. The way it works is that you can use SP to cast a spell and thus, earn a bonus.

Depending on the value of the SP, the spells (bonuses) will be more powerful and so will benefit you more as a player. The key thing is that you can choose the bonuses that you want to use and claim. With the only pre-requisite being you have enough SP. These bonuses are separated into four categories. These are Blood, Dark, Light and Spirit Magic.

Blood Magic – Free Spins.

Dark Magic – Claim a deposit bonus.

Light Magic – Claim a larger deposit bonus.

Spirit Magic – Claim bonus cash that has no wagering requirements attached.

Therefore, you can choose whichever ones from these that you think are going to best benefit you. Although, of course, the Spirit Magic will be the option that will appeal to the vast majority of payers due to the no wagering aspect.

About Voodoo Dreams

The concept of Voodoo Dreams really makes it stand out from the rest of the crowd and they the theme spread across the site. Therefore, if you want a unique approach to gaming then look no further than this venue. However, once this theme pulls you in, you will remain more than content here thanks to the other features they offer. Specifically, this includes the presence of Duels, which offer tournament-style gameplay where you compete against other players to win more prize by playing your favourite games. All in all, Voodoo Dreams is a top casino with plenty to offer. 

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