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Free spins are pokies players’ bread and butter. Casino free spins are exactly what they sound like and so are free spins on casino games, specifically, pokies. Online casino free spins, therefore, appeal mainly to players of pokies but any casino player looking to play with extra funds can use them to rack up winnings on pokies and then use that money to fund other parts of a casino.

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Free spins on pokies can soon turn into playing funds on any part of a casino. Nonetheless, casino free spins are primarily preferred by fans of pokies as they more easily fit into the gameplay already enjoyed by the player. Regardless of your playing tastes, this page is dedicated to helping you understanding casino free spins and finding a free spins casino with loads to offer you as a pokie player.

Free Spins in New Zealand

The popularity of free spins is one that is found worldwide, and online casino NZ free spins are as common as they are anywhere else in the world, if not more so. Free spins NZ can be categorised as any type of free spins that are offered at an online casino that is available to New Zealand players, of which there are dozens to choose from.

This means that on the New Zealand market, there are hundreds of free spins NZ available for you to claim and we are here to help you hunt them out. Online casino NZ free spins can really help further your playing and they are an important tool to use. As such, heeding our advice on the road to finding them is a great idea for all New Zealand casino players.

Free Spins as a Welcome Bonus

The first and most common way you can get your hands on free spins is via claiming them as part of a welcome bonus. This is the first offer you can claim when you sign up at an online casino and while not all casinos will offer free spins as part of their welcome bonus, many will do even if they do offer any other free spins after this point. The way these deals work will vary from casino to casino and from welcome bonus to welcome bonus. However, there are a few recurring scenarios when it comes to a welcome bonus free spins deal.

The most common is that they will come with another part of the welcome bonus. This is because most welcome bonuses will offer you the chance to claim a casino deposit bonus as part of the deal too. In most cases, this will be done immediately after meeting the minimum deposit and is irrespective of the amount. Therefore, for example:

  • Make First Deposit and get a 100% Bonus up to $100 + 50 Free Spins

This will mean that even if you do not max out the bonus, you will get the 50 Free Spins for meeting the minimum deposit. Therefore, even if you make a deposit and only claim up to $20 in bonus funds, you will still be able to enjoy the full number of free spins.

Often in these types of deals, the full 50 free spins won’t be given to you all in one go though. Instead, it might be the case that they distribute to them over your first 5 days, for example. This will mean that when you get the 50 free spins for meeting the minimum deposit, you will get 10 free spins per day until the number has been reached. This is not the case for all welcome deals and some might give you a lump sum of free spins and you will get all 50 in one go to use as you want.

There will be other deals out there whereby the amount you deposit will have an impact. As such, the more you deposit, the more free spins that will become available to you. When this happens, they will often provide you with a couple of options.

  • Option 1: Deposit NZ$100, get a 100% bonus and 20 free spins.
  • Option 2: Deposit NZ$500, get a 100% bonus and 50 free spins.
  • Option 3: Deposit NZ$1000, get a 100% bonus and 100 free spins.

As you can see, while the bonus remains the same, the more that is deposited the higher number of free spins that become available to you. As such, the more you put in, the more free spins you get out. Again, these free spins may still be distributed over a series of days or in one go.

Another welcome bonus deals that could be available but are more seldom seen completely removes the deposit bonus part of the deal and rewards you purely with free spins. These are usually found at online casinos that have a large emphasis on pokies specifically. These can take a similar form to either the deals we have so far seen so, it could be that they offer you the following example:

  • Deposit $50 and get 50 Free Spins

This is pretty self-explanatory and does exactly what it says on the tin. However, you may get other free spins welcome bonus that follows the tiered deposit system. For example:

  • Make a $20 deposit and get 30 free spins
  • Make a $50 deposit and get 50 free spins
  • Make a $100 deposit and get 100 free spins.

Therefore, it is exactly the same just without the deposit bonus, so you can get a deal that reflects your free spin playing, without having to pledge to claim a cash bonus too which you might not want or need if you only want to play pokies and benefit from free spins.  There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to free spins because, ultimately, you will still be getting free spins, it just depends on how they will be given to you and what else you might get on the side too.

Free Spins without Wagering Requirements

If you have any ever claimed a casino bonus before then you will be aware of wagering requirements. These pesky little things are what typically stand in the way of you winning big with your free spins and then immediately walking away with the funds you have won.  This is because they are a set number of times you need to wager the funds won with free spins and can be as high as 70x. Thus, if you win just $50, you may need to wager it 70x in order to actually withdraw these funds.

This was a big issue that players had to face for a long time. However, in more recent years, the industry has seen a rise of “wager free spins”. These are free spins that do not have any of these aforementioned wagering requirements. Thus, when it comes to wager free spins, there is no set number of times that you will need to wager the funds and so essentially, whatever you win is yours to keep immediately. And so, when you win $50, if you want to, you can withdraw it immediately.

As such, it provides a much more transparent and rewarding deal than you would get. This is why if you see a free spins no wager deal then you should definitely claim them. They are by far the best and more fair deals available and won’t leave you with any hidden surprises when you try to withdraw your winnings.

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How to play with Free Spins

If you want to get playing with free spins then you need to follow these simple steps in order to play with them.

Step 1 – Make sure you’re logged in to the free spins casino

This is a no-brainer, but you need to find and are logged into a free spins casino. You can find a selection on our site. Once you have done this, you must find the free spins deal and claim it, making sure you opt-in, add a bonus code or meet the minimum deposit and other T&Cs the deal requires.

Step 2 – Go to the pokie which you received your free spins on

Free spins will often be allocated on selected pokies. This can be just one pokie or as many as 5+. As such, you do not have carte blanche to use the spins on whatever game you want and so you will need to find that game/s the available on. This may be on a casino “featured” section or you can use a search bar to find the pokie/s in question.

Step 3 – Click the pokie and let the game load

Once found, you click on the pokie and wait for it to load. This shouldn’t take longer than a few moments but if it does, be patient as you don’t want anything to go wrong. If you are waiting too long, you may want to contact the customer support.

Step 4 – When it’s loaded you will get a message that you have free spins to use

One the game has opened; you will see a notification that you have these free spins to use. If you can’t see a notification, then try spinning on a low amount and see if your funds are debited. If it is debited, then it is clear that these free spins are not in-play and something may have gone wrong. Again, you may want to contact the customer support for assistance.

Step 5 – Press Accept and start spinning!

If the number of free spins is correct, then it is playtime, Accept the free spins and start playing with them as opposed to your own account funds.  If you win any money with these free spins, then the money will be credited to your account as a bonus, or as real money if it’s free spins without wagering requirements.

Free Spins as a No Deposit Bonus

So far, we have been only talking about free spins that you claim once you make a deposit but free spins are also a type of no deposit bonus. In fact, they are by far the most common form of no deposit bonus deal you will find. The concept of a no deposit bonus is simple. It is a bonus you get, without needing to invest any of your own funds, you can read about no deposit here. You can anywhere between 5-50+ free spins as a no deposit bonus, but generally, they will be on the lower end of this spectrum.

Terms and Conditions to Keep an Eye On

Before you start claiming any free spin deals, then you should have a look at the terms and conditions that the casino has for its free spins. These are important as they will determine the potential outcomes of your free spins and whether they are or aren’t a good deal for you.

Wagering Requirements – We have already spoken about these but wagering requirements are very important as they will determine how likely you are to withdraw your money. Unless the deal is a no wager free spins deals, then you can expect around 30-40x on average, with anything below being considered low and anything above considered high. When it comes to wagering, there may be different redemption rates, i.e. how much games count towards the wagering, but for pokies, it will almost always be 100% so you don’t need to worry too much about these if you are an avid pokie fan.

Max Win – a max win is an amount that you can in total with the free spins. As such, if the max win is $1000, even if a free spin earns you $2000, then you will still only be able to claim up to $1000. Therefore, it restricts the amount you can actually win from the free spins you claim.

Spin Value – Spin value is the value of the free spins you claim. Often, this will be around 0.20c and so is relatively low compared to what some pokies can offer players who are playing with their own money. Again, the purpose here is to limit how much can be won with free spins and as the higher the value of the spins on the pokie, the higher your payouts usually will be. There are sometimes free spins known as “mega spins” which will be spins will increase values that can be a couple of dollars each.

Selected Games – As mentioned, you can only use pokies on selected games chosen by the casino. Thus, you can only use them on these games and so can’t hunt out games with above average RTPs or volatility.

After Wagering is complete its time for a withdrawal

If you have completed wagering, if there is any, it is time to withdraw. This could be still be limited based on the max win, or the casino’s own withdrawal processes. However, if you have found a casino with good free spins deals in place, you should have made a tidy bit of cash to enjoy in the real-world, or just invest back into more casino gameplay.


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