A Beginner's Guide to RNG


Ever since the first slot machine was launched, many people, including the more experienced casino players, have always believed that it is a matter of pulling the lever at precisely the right time for that huge, life-changing win to rattle. What is even more concerning is that many have believed that casinos can control slot machines to their advantage and thus empty the players’ pockets.

The incredible advancement of technology has ensured that is not the case by developing RNG, or ‘Random Number Generator,’ a mathematical algorithm that randomly generates different numbers, which has guaranteed a fair game for both parties. 

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Beginners guide to RNG - numbers

What Exactly is RNG?

RNG has rapidly developed the gaming industry in recent years and is a multifaceted program code that uses a crypto-resistant mechanism called an MD5 algorithm. This is a program code that uses mathematical algorithms in a specific order created by a data developer. The algorithm was implemented to monitor various Internet-based games and is used for all types of games based on random matches such as slots, Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette.

The algorithm continually calculates the next result. For instance, by clicking on the start button on a slot, a player expects a win, but the combination of symbols is calculated long before the slot has time to go live. The algorithm is based on a system consisting of thousands of numbers. For example, the number π (Pi = 3.14) with the sign for a number sequence with over five trillion digits.

How Do RNGs work at online casinos?

Casinos use something called pseudo RNGs that need an algorithm and a base number that makes it unique since they do not need any external implementation of numbers or data to create a result. 

  • Having a starting point, a base number, allows the generator to calculate the next value using the algorithm. The process is then continuously updated without pauses.
  • New base numbers (and results) are re-produced every millisecond by the last number. Alternatively, two numbers made, using either addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc., creating a new, random number.
Beginners Guide to RNG - fair

How can we ensure that casinos offer fair play?

The word random in the term “random number generator” can be used relatively loosely, but it is strictly controlled in the casino world to ensure that casinos offer fair gameplay. 

Something that may be of interest to you as a player to be aware of is organizations whose purpose is to license New Zealand online casinos. The licensing organizations should ensure various tests are conducted to ensure that the random number generator used by a casino and a casino game is correctly constructed. Furthermore, it is essential to point out that gaming operators who use a pseudo-random algorithm are careful about their reputation and their players’ trust. Therefore, cheating on this would mean substantial financial losses for an online casino, something that no serious company wants to go through.

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What Does the Process to Ensure that an RNG is Functional look like?

All reputable online casinos undergo the necessary tests to ensure that all processes are appropriately managed. Third-party organizations perform these tests. These types of organizations offer comprehensive tests of both online casinos and land-based casinos.

They carry out several different tests and evaluations, including RNG, the games’ mathematics, and verified and reported payments. When an online casino is approved for licensing, you can be sure that it is a fair gaming operator.

The importance of RNG

In a nutshell, RNG ensures random results and, therefore, that a game takes place in a fairway. The best thing about RNGs is that with the constant and rapid development of technology, they can only get better and even safer. The modern-day generators offer far better results than those produced ten years ago. The generators you encounter today ensure multidimensional security and complex algorithms that counteract any efforts to rig. If you play at a licensed online casino, you can count on safe and fair gameplay all the time you play.

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