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It is a well-known fact that many casino players are incredibly superstitious and even have specific procedures before they start playing. Does this work in reality? No. Of course it does not, even if it feels a little exciting to believe in a little hocus pocus. RTP or Return to player is based on random generators which means a theoretical payout percentage. We are sorry if we break your favorite myth of spinning the game wheels at a particular time. The returns to players are determined by an RNG which means Random Number Generator. The term is an algorithm that comes from mathematics. This means that the profit result per spin is decided entirely randomly.

The theoretical payback percentage RTP may sound boring, and you may belong to one of those who think it is not valid. In the long run, the RTP percentage is correct and always shows the payback percentage to those who play. Let’s take a closer look at what we call Return o Player.

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Return to Player - guide

RTP is based on Random Number Generator

Let’s start with the slightly tricky bit about RNG (Random Number Generator). For those of you who are not so keen on mathematical terms, it can be a little difficult to understand. We can unanimously agree that there will be a result after you press the spin button on a slot machine. The result is not something that can be affected, but it is determined by a program code called an MD5 Algorithm. Data developers have developed algorithms that end up in a particular order. These program codes can be used for all types of casino games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Poker and Slots.

Obligation to Display RTP on the Same Page

In New Zealand, a casino must be licensed to operate in the country. This means that all information at the online and land-based casinos must be clear and transparent in all situations. The games must have information about RTP. This information can usually be found inside the game rules after you have selected and loaded a slot game that you intend to try out.. Some casinos also have the option to post unique lists of all games where the RTP is also displayed.

Return to Player guide - law

How is the Next Result Calculated?

The next time you click the start button and spin a slot, the algorithms calculate the next result. A payline consists of different symbols with different values. When you get a winning combination on a payline, this combination is already calculated before the slot is active and live in front of you. Unfortunately, for that reason, we have killed the myth of the importance of playing at a specific time or on certain tour days.

RTP is Calculated using Random Algorithms

Now that we have explained in simple terms how chance works technically, it is easier to understand that there is a theoretical payback percentage. An RTP value is also not something that the online casino can decide on, but the value comes from the game manufacturer.

Swedish NetEnt is a leader in gaming providers worldwide. They have a real top portfolio of games like Vikings, Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst. If we are to return RTP, their repayment percentage is always between 95 – 98% payout.

Return to Player guide - Starburst slot

We take Starburst as an RTP example:

Let’s take Starburst as an example, which is perhaps New Zealand’s most popular slot ever. RTP on Starburst is 96.09% in theoretical repayment. This does not mean that if you spin 100 spins, you will win 96 times. The formula only shows the possible and theoretical repayment. This does not show any justice only on a few spins. You have to put the percentage in perspective in the long run to get a fair result. Instead, see it as an indication and a clue as to how the slot compares to other games.

Casino table games generally have higher RTPs

If despite the coincidence, you still want to choose casino games with a higher RTP, we can recommend the classic table games. Theoretically, you have a slightly greater chance of winning with a higher value of RTP. However, always keep in mind that it is always a random result that decides the game round for you.

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Return to Player in Blackjack & Roulette

Blackjack and Roulette are well-known and popular table games that you can become extra good at with the help of, e.g. Roulette strategies or online Blackjack strategy. You can find Blackjack games where Return to Player is at an incredible 99.59% which must be said to be very high. Of course, if you play your cards right, there are extra chances of winning. Something to keep in mind when it comes to table games is that it can be of very high stakes, and instead of making a nice profit, it is easy to lose the stakes. If you choose to spin the ball on the Roulette table, you can affect RTP. You do this by betting on the colour red or black or side bets. If you bet on numbers, a standard RTP is usually 97%, which is lower than when you bet on the colour.

Wagering on slots with lower Return to Player

When you play and take advantage of a bonus, you may have noticed that in most of the times, you are required to play on a particular type of slot. When it comes to wagering requirements, all table games are usually excluded. One of the reasons for this is because they have a generally higher Return to Player. Take a look at the rules for bonuses, and you will quickly realize that some slots are also excluded. If you look at what they have for RTP, you will quickly see that this is the reason why you can not use the bonus to wager on these slot machines.

 Return to player - Paybeck percentage

CasinoGuide summarizes the RTP payback percentage.

Through this article, we have learned that RTP is an abbreviation of the theoretical payback percentage. This percentage can, e.g. lie at 96.8%, but this is not true of individual spins. On the one hand, you can play on your lucky day and win big on your very first spin. It can also be the case that you do not win anything at all, but only get small winnings that are gobbled up by your bets.

The formula RTP is first a real phenomenon and can pay off in the long run. Should one then go entirely according to what the percentage says? Well, a difficult question, but it can be answered by you who regularly plays a lot of slots. If you are good at table games, e.g. Roulette allows you to have higher chances of winning by allowing you to control the possibility of winning by betting on black or red. The critical thing to keep in mind is not to stare blindly at RTP and instead focus on the entertainment value and have fun while playing. is a comparison site for online casinos. The information on the site is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. Links, banners and any other images that lead to operators from the site are advertisements. Third parties may change or cancel bonuses/offers at any time and CasinoGuide cannot be held responsible for incorrect information. Offers only apply to players over the age of 18. Welcome offers only apply to new players. Please follow the link to “Terms & Conditions” to find out more about us and our policy. 

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