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How to play like a pro and win big at the casino

Are you new to the iGaming scene or an experienced gambler? Well, regardless, we have the best guide to casino games and comprehensively review them ranging from Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat to Poker and Pokies. The detailed analysis of games will enable you to hone your skills and play for real money.

Introduction To Casino Games And Strategies

There is a variety of casino games which have been around for decades. In most cases, their inception was centuries ago, where, either they were a pass time activity, or people played them just to make some money in the light of competition. Fast forward into the new millennium and these games have transitioned to online casinos where they have evolved into the biggest casino games in this generation whereby they are played by millions of gaming enthusiasts. In this casino games guide, we shall focus on Roulette among others, while highlighting ways to have fun while winning to make some money.

How To Play Roulette Casino Games

Roulette is one of the most widely played casino games in the world for the most part because it is also among the easiest to grasp. Searching for its tutorials in any casino games guide will reveal that there really isn’t too much to it at all. It is considered to be purely a game of luck and consists of a ball, a Roulette board, and a spinning or revolving wheel. The revolving wheel contains a Roulette board, which has a grid that is calibrated with figures ranging from 0 to 36. The only variation in the game is realized in the number system when there is, either a double zero or a single zero as is the case of American Roulette.

The numbers on the Roulette board are highlighted in either red or black. The only exception to this characteristic is both the zero and the double zero which are typically green. Another reason it is considered unique among casino games is the fact that it also features even, odd, black, red, the numbers 1 to 18, 19 to 36, 1st dozen, 2nd dozen, and 3rd dozen. Just like other casino games, you are required to place a bet on the number you think the Roulette ball will land on once it grinds to a stop, after a good spin. Alternatively, you can also wager on a combination of numbers such as even or odd, which qualifies for 18 of the 38 numbers

By placing a bet on either the even or odd option, it excludes both 0 and 00 depending on the version of the Roulette casino games you are playing. Another way of wagering you need to consider is betting on either the 2nd, 1st, or 3rd dozen. Essentially it means that you are betting on 12 numbers, all at once, and if the ball falls on any column of numbers, you get paid depending on the value of the bet. According to other casino games guide, you can also bet on either a line, a set or a column of numbers which form a square on the Roulette board. After all that hit the spin button and wait for the wheel to come to a stop, and check where the ball lands.

  • The Roulette wheel has a grid of numbers.
  • A ball is placed on the wheel and then it spins.
  • Once the wheel comes to a stop, the number on which the ball is positioned determines the bet value.
  • You are paid depending on the game odds at the casino.

Roulette Casino Games Rules

Roulette, unlike other casino games such as Craps, Baccarat, and Keno has very few rules attached to its game play structure. It is a feature that can have you as a newbie playing like a pro in no time. An essential rule is that when making even or odd bets, you cannot be paid if the ball lands on either a 0 or a 00 depending on the variation of the Roulette casino games you are playing. Another important aspect of the game is that you can only make one type of bet among the few types of bets available. For instance, you cannot make an even bet and then place a 1st dozen bet as well. Such a combination will create a conflict in the expected payout amount so much that in the online sites, the bet will not go through. It is, therefore, important to make the two sets of bets separately and avoid placing them cumulatively in a single stake.

Strategies Of Roulette Casino Games

Any seasoned iGamer will tell you that it is always advisable to play online casino games while having mastered a few strategies that sway the game’s outcome in your favour. In Pai Gow Poker, a player is able to slash down the house’s advantage by up to 2.84%, and it all depends on how carefully or strategically he/she is able to arrange the cards, thereby playing a hand that increases the chances of scoring a win. If you are fond of Sic Bo, a good piece of advice would be to incline more on the defence rather than the offence, where this strategy employs the mentality of holding onto your money for as long as possible such that you can push your luck on the next dice roll.

So as you can see, it is a fad to suggest that some casino games lack strategies. In Roulette, it is difficult to implement because the strategy is not as straightforward. You are required to make an outside bet on your first attempt because it has more numbers than inside bets as arranged on the Roulette board. As you do this, it is important to keep track of which numbers show up more often. After you trace the pattern, you can then proceed to include inside bets. Ideally, it is often suggested that you play inside bets because they pay more.

  • Play the outside bets to determine a pattern.
  • Adjust your bets so they match the pattern and improve your chances.
  • As you progress, include inside bets because they pay better.

Different Types of Casino Games

There is a myriad of casino games, ranging from table games, card games, to slots. Roulette is classified as a table game while Pai Gow, Sic Bo, Blackjack, and Texas Hold’em Poker are examples of card games. Popular casino game titles such as Mega Moolah, Starburst, and Dragon reborn are examples of online video slots. In the case of table games, both the physical and live online versions of the games usually have a dealer who represents the casino or the ‘house’ as gaming establishments are mostly referred to as. There are literally a few thousand slots games which are standalone games where the player just wagers and presses the play button. No dealer is required because they run on a random number generator sequence to determine the win combinations. Each slot has a different payout ratio as presented by the respective slots game guide that reviews the online game.

Tips and Tricks For Casino Games Beginners

The best advice which more often than not applies to almost all casino games is that newbies should practice on the free versions available online. Take for instance a player who buys into a live Poker game with no prior experience or technical know how. It is an obvious outcome if it ends with a loss because he/she played the wrong hand. Nowadays, it is as easy as visiting an online casino’s official site and viewing the Video Poker tutorials in a bid to learn the terminologies as well as some of the strategies. In less complex games like Roulette, knowing the payout from the bets is vital.

Glossary Of Roulette Terms

  • Inside Bet
  • Outside Bet
  • Even Bet
  • Odd Bet
  • Single number

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Advantages To Playing Roulette Online?

The core advantage of playing Roulette casino games online is that you can shuffle through different sites and settle for the one with a better bet payout. Additionally, playing online allows you to make smaller bets ranging from as little as $1 and you do not have to travel because you can play from your desktop computer at home.

Do Roulette Betting Systems Work?

In Roulette casino games, the betting systems do not work mostly because of the outcome in the game is always totally random. It makes it, therefore, almost impossible to outline a clear pattern while wagering because there is no sure way to know what number to expect in the game.

How does the zero or double zero give the advantage to the house?

In Roulette casino games, the 0 and 00 are an added advantage to the casino because it effectively prevents any bet placed from being a 50/50 bet. The grid is numbered from 1 to 36 and adding the two zeroes makes it 38. However, while betting on black or red, the outcome is only considered on 36 balls out of a total of 38, making it an advantage to the casino.

CasinoGuides Online Summary and Review

While finding the most comprehensive reviews and guides to casino games, CasinoGuides is the go to site. With carefully researched and presented online reviews, it is the gamer’s ultimate companion. There is a host of guides as well as strategies that effectively sharpen your skills in the online gaming scene.