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Sic Bo – Learn how to play

Sic Bo is a game with roots in China, played with three dice and a shaker. Like many of the current crop of casino games, it has a rule book that elaborates strategy and fairness, creating a worthy challenge that is bound to thrill any gambler. Most of the online casinos offer it which is proof of its soaring popularity. Whether you are an amateur or a beginner, taking chances while understanding the odds and game set up is what turns them into lucrative amounts of money. All it takes is a thorough breakdown and taking the time to figure out at least one of the many Sic Bo strategy.

How To Play Sic Bo Like A Pro

Sic Bo is a game of chance. Understanding rules enough to formulate strategies that can tilt a certain degree of odds in your favour is an added advantage. The details of the game vary depending on the decisions a player chooses. Online casino versions of the game are similar to the one in land-based casinos. The table layout is contrary to most European table games that have a distinct blue or green surface. Sic Bo has a white rectangular betting area made of glass or plastic, where Sic Bo bets are placed. The rest of the table has more bold colours such as red and yellow.

Sic Bo requires players to make bets by placing their ‘lucky’chips on numbers of their choice. The table layout allows the winning bet to be highlighted by lights that illuminate from underneath, as soon as the round is over. Leather railing located at the edge of the table and grooves etched into the wood finishing are where the Sic Bo bets chips are placed albeit in stacks. Alternatively, they are stacked in a felt apron that is situated around the betting field and is usually unmarked. The Sic Bo dealer is involved in the game, and it is important he/she does so in plain sight.

Sic Bo has a board that explicitly lists all the table limits. It is a guide that allows the gamer to make decisions based on these figures. Smaller bets stand to lose more often, and in the event, they do win under very slim possibilities, they pay out small returns. The number board indicates that more complicated bets minimise the house edge and the gambler stands to make higher returns. Another aspect of the game is that the numbers selected are determined by a simple shake of a cage/shaker that has three dice in it. The dealer has a rack that houses the bank’s/dealer’s chips.

  • Players place bets on numbers.
  • A dice roll of three dice determines the winning number.
  • The table layout is rectangular in shape.
  • There is a board listing the table limits.

Sic Bo Rules and Regulations

The main highlight of Sic Bo is three dice that are rolled, all at once to give a number. For the player to win the game, they have to make sure that the Sic Bo bets placed are first of all in sync with the corresponding Sic Bo rules. Once the dealer is sure of this, the bet placed and the numbers from the dice roll have to match the chips placed to represent it (the number/s). The only way to come up with the winning number is to roll the dice and do so in all fairness. In the casino business, it is easy to manipulate data, especially in Sic Bo, by creating bias using the dice roll. Such problems are solved by ensuring that figures generated in these events are purely random. A dice shaker/cage must be used to shake and then reveal the character. In some land-based casinos, the shaker is a glass dome that everybody can see through.

Sic Bo Strategies

It is important to research Sic Bo strategy which can be employed in the next high-stakes game. A common mentality is that it is impossible to come up with strategies that are full proof and can shift odds remarkably to your favour. Any and every Sic Bo tutorial/guide will give more of what would be regarded as tips to win rather than guaranteed formulas. The aim is to disregard the ‘house always wins’ mentality by slashing the advantage the house has on you by a remarkable percentage. Bets made on Sic Bo must be realistic, inclining more on the defence rather than offence.

Sic Bo strategies encourage players to stick more to a defensive setting rather than attack because the chances of winning are slim, and it is advisable to hold on to your money for as long as possible. It gives you a better chance of pushing your luck on the next dice roll. Furthermore, it allows the gamer to hold on to more of their money and play on for much longer. Another strategy is penned on the complexity of bets, which are arranged and described by size. Small bets range between four and ten and allow the player to win more often. Big bets range from eleven and seventeen which means the risk of losing is higher than when playing small stakes.

  • Play using a more defensive strategy.
  • Make smaller bets, because they win often.
  • Bigger bets will win more but also risk losing more.

Different Types of Sic Bo

Sic Bo, like most casino games, has been around for a long while, and the rules attached to it are sometimes altered because of one reason or the other. Such alterations are what give rise to new versions of the game, that acquire a cult following and slowly become a player’s favourite. They are given new names, and in the case of Sic Bo, the versions are Grand Hazard and Chuck-a-Luck. The Grand Hazard variant is of English origin played with two dice instead of the usual three. These dice are thrown using a cup or rolled down a chute made of inclined planes called a ‘Hazard chute.’ Chuck-a-Luck is an American variant of Grand Hazard. A bird cage that pivots from the centre houses the three dice used, with the dealer tilting the frame to drop the dice. A rather distinct feature of this game is the single-number wagers.


Tips and tricks for Sic Bo beginners

Before embarking on putting copious amounts of money on the line, it is always important to understand the rules of Sic Bo. It helps in mustering the courage to make smart and bold decisions that concern the wager amount, and the player’s pick. It is a game based purely on luck. The house always has a larger advantage, and it is important to understand why, and how it can be slashed to give a real shot at winning. After familiarising with all this, a practice should be the next thing that a player indulges in. By playing on the free versions on the internet, it gives the gamer some much-needed experience to push for higher winnings.

The Sic Bo Glossary

  • Any Double – Where two out of three dice match.
  • Any One Number – Where the winning number is specified by the player during the bet.
  • Any Pair – Similar to the term ‘Any double.’
  • Any Triple – Where three dice will match.
  • Betting Limits – Maximum and minimum wage limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Sic Bo?

Sic Bo is a game with its roots in Asia, more specifically Ancient China. It was originally known as Tai Sai, whose translation means Small or Big. Another name that holds a similar meaning is Dai Su. In China, it is only playable in casinos located in Macau, the only place where gambling is legal in China.

How is the Sic Bo Game played?

Sic Bo is played by wagering against a number. The dealer then rolls three dice that generate numbers without total bias. If the gambler’s number and the dice number match, then the player wins. It is a game of nothing more than cumulative probability, and the outcome has very generous payouts.

Are there any good strategies?

Sic Bo like any game on earth has a few pointers to note or follow, to tilt odds in the gamer’s favour. The most common one is to always play on the defensive since the aim is to win without losing, even if it is by small amounts. Going on the offensive can lose a player everything in a small space of time.

The Online Review

Casinoguide.Nz is a site that provides all the details; emerging and old, on perfecting the skills of Sic Bo. It delivers articles with rich ideas, that aim to build the reader, whether a seasoned professional or an amateur, into a masterclass player. Players can also indulge in the comment section, and exchange ideas.