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iDebit Casino Bank Guide

iDebit Casino Bank Guide
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IDebit is a relatively new method of depositing money for casino players worldwide but its novelty shouldn’t blind you from seeing how useful a tool it is. It is traditionally used to make online payments directly from your online banking account and seeing as to how useful an innovation it is, casinos have implemented its usage so at the deposit point of your online casino. This has only served to make gameplay less about the money transfer and more about you and the fun in front of you! Read more to learn about this amazingly easy and fast way to deposit cash into your casino balance.

Using iDebit for Online Casinos

The US has strict rules governing gambling that ensure that the risk of US citizens depositing large amounts into gambling sites through Canadian banks is minimal. It is for this reason and to protect their investments in the US that Canadian banks have restrictions against large deposits into gambling sites. Casinos have, therefore, liaised with IDebit in a bid to provide you, the avid, thrill-seeking Canadian gambler, with the ability to deposit freely into online casinos. The Canadian banks register your transfer as one to iDebit and not to whichever merchant you are paying. The merchant is then paid in full.

When you use this service to make a deposit, your bank account details stay with you, iDebit and the bank. It is in good practice to keep your bank account details from being on every Tom, Dick and Harry’s casino. This only works to boost your online security further and iDebit is fully aware of this. The service also employs 128bit encryption in its efforts to keep your money secure while a transaction is ongoing, as anything less would be a gamble with your money- only this time, not on your part. To make the deal sweeter, the service is available to you not only in Canada but also in Europe, South Africa, Japan and China so your online gaming doesn’t have to cease the moment you leave the country.

Opening an iDebit Account

If you would like to open and set up an account you shall have to skip right over to, after ensuring that the casino you want to play with is an iDebit casino, of course, click on the sign-up button on the upper right edge of the screen. You will then pick out the bank you use, which may or may not be there depending on the country you are in and its compatibility with iDebit. You will then be required verify that it is indeed your bank by linking it through the system. For your own safety, some of your documents shall be required. Thereafter, you go to the site of the casino you shall be playing at wherein you shall register a player account with your actual details, as they shall be confirming whether or not it’s you when the time to withdraw comes. There aren’t any restrictions to the username you pick, though.

Using iDebit in Canada

The service has been nothing but a godsend to Canadians who are simply thrill-seeking! Entirely legal deposits are sometimes declined, keeping revellers from having a good time. iDebit acts to solve this little inconvenience by acting as an intermediary between the casinos and the banks. As long as you make the payment request through service, the bank shan’t see a thing but the transaction to the service, which could as well be a payment to any of a number of online merchants! The service keeps your bank details from the casino and other merchants as well if you shan’t be using it solely for gambling, making it easier to deem iDebit safe! iDebit shall, however, receive your bank account details.

Fees and Limits

Good news first, you won’t be charged a cent to register so, hey, if you want an account- go have yourself an account! What’s more, you may save some money on it as your balance (after having been through the iDebit login) and you may make payments with that for free as well! If you would like to transfer funds from a merchant to your balance on the site, you may do it free of charge, as well. That, ladies and gentlemen, is as far as the freebies go! The amounts you shall be charged for whichever transaction you wish to perform are negligible, so let your shoulders down and breathe that sigh of relief as we proceed to outline them for you. To make a payment from your online banking account, you shall be charged a measly C$1.50 and C$2.00 to transfer funds from your iDebit account to your online banking account.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using iDebit

The benefits of using iDebit are numerous, you must have evaluated some of your own by now but here are the cream of the crop: 1. The fact that the service keeps your information between itself and the banks and away from the casino sites is simply awe-inspiring! This not only works with casinos but with all other merchants as well. In fact, you don’t even have to register to use the service. 2. The site also uses 128bit encryption and liaises with your bank’s online banking platform as part of the authentication process to ensure that it is, in fact, you making the payments- no questionable payments. 3. SPEED. The moment you deposit money via the site, it shall be visible on your casino balance and ready to be played with within minutes. 4. Last but definitely not the least, the site has mighty reasonable transaction fees in comparison with other e-wallets.

IDebit has close to no drawbacks and those in its possession are not of its making. The only one is that the option still isn’t too widely accepted or used as the payment method of choice. Only a handful of casinos such as Royal Vegas Online Casino, 888Casino, Euro Palace, Platinum Play and Red Flush online casino, just to name a few, have embraced the advent of this method of payment. Banks have also not entirely incorporated the method of payment into their systems with only a select few such as the Royal Bank of Canada and a few more recognising what potential the service has. With time, however, the service shall gain traction as the laws inhibiting the gamblers’ thrill-seeking escapades continue to ruin people’s days. The law is only working to keep the future of iDebit safe!

IDebit: The Final Verdict

IDebit is quite simply put an amazing tool for payments. one can’t simply get over the way it grants you pre-paid anonymity with credit card convenience. It is also an amazing replacement for Paypal which seems not to work with Canadian casinos.Though slowly, iDebit is set to surely rise as the need for the service by Canadian gamers is bound to explode. They do charge transaction fees but ensure to keep them lower than their competition and keep them entirely visible so there shan’t be any mysterious charges put on your tab. The withdrawal time from your balance on the site may be a little slow but is straight forward so it is worth it!

iDebit FAQ

Might I Know What iDebit Is?

IDebit is a fast and secure method of payment that works to pay for purchases from merchants using online banking. To use this one must be at least eighteen years of age and have an online banking account at one of the banks collaborating with iDebit. If one does not have online banking, one must first contact their bank about the same before proceeding.

Could You Explain To Me How This Works?

What you must first know is that this service allows you to make your deposit directly from your online banking account i.e. directly from your bank account. If you would rather not sign up for an account, you may deposit money to your casino balance as a guest by first selecting your bank after having chosen iDebit as a method of payment and signing in with the details you sign into your internet banking account with. You then approve the transaction and presto! Your deposit is done!

Will I Be Asked For My Personal Information?

If you do not register as an iDebit user, you will not have to give your personal details, although they will be received from your bank of choice when you make a deposit through iDebit. When you do register, however, the site shall have to receive your date of birth immediately as it helps to, both identify you and keep those who are not of age from accessing the service.

Is It Possible To Track My iDebit Transactions?

Yes, you are able to keep track of your iDebit transactions by simply logging in at, if you have an account Then you shall be able to view your entire transaction history. You may also view your transaction limit the exact same way. Your transaction limit is updated after every single successful transaction.

Can I Possibly Cancel A Payment?

No, you cannot cancel a payment. You may ask the merchant for a refund if you desperately need your money back. What must be noted is that your iDebit balance cannot be used to partially pay for something. You may pay if you have enough funds in your iDebit balance to meet the entire invoice. Neither will you be allowed to split the payment among different accounts. All issues with the merchant must be resolved with the merchant. Your Guide To Online Banking is a New Zealand based review site that offers world class information on where to get your deals and wins casino-wise. The site gives reviews of anything gaming-related from video slots and online poker games to game strategies and reviews of payment methods- all in good taste. If you have been searching for the big wins and thrills treasure map, your quest comes to an end here!

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