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Instadebit Casino Bank Guide

Instadebit Casino Bank Guide
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Instadebit is a secure and safe way to make online payments using funds from your wallet or account. Acquiring an account is free and takes no more than 10 minutes. Using this form of payment enables you to make payments directly from your bank account or real-time loading options that are available in Canada. What’s better, this method of payment enables you to make deposits and withdrawals on online casinos in any of the listed Instadebit online casinos. Any deposits made using this form of payment is processed exactly like an eCheck. The transactions are both instant and real time.

Using Instadebit for Online Casinos

Instadebit is simple to use, safe and secure as well especially for online casinos. This method of payment works in such a way that you never have to fund it before using it. To deposit funds into an Instadebit casino, the account deducts money directly from your bank account. It acts as some sort of messenger between your bank and the online casino of your choice. When you open an account, your Canadian bank account details are required and a temporary weekly transaction limit will be assigned to you. You can increase this limit by verifying your bank account. To do this a small amount of money will be sent to your bank account (under $2) and all you have to do is tell InstaDebit the exact figure that was transferred to your account.

InstaDebit is accepted in most online casinos, and this includes casinos that run their main operations in Canada. Once you sign up for Instadebit, you will receive two currency accounts; one in Canadian Dollars and the other in US Dollars to use in Instadebit casinos online. You cannot transfer money between the two accounts, however. This means that if you have money in one of your accounts, the one in Canadian dollars for instance, and you make a deposit using US dollars, the money will not be deducted from your Canadian dollar account, it will be deducted directly from your linked bank account instead.

Opening an Instadebit account

Setting up an Instadebit account in Canada is quick, free and rather easy. All you need to do is visit the official site and hit the “sign up” button to begin the account set up. A page will appear with a form asking you to fill in your personal information like name, date of birth, physical address and email. The last four digits of your social security number are also required to confirm your identity. Rest assured that all your personal information is safe with Instadebit since they comply with all the banking rules and regulations that affect them in Canada. Once you are done with the sign-up process, you will be required to load up your account. You can then use this account to make deposits and even withdrawals through the popular electronics funds transfer (EFT) at any Instadebit casinos online and these transactions will be credited directly from your bank account.

Using Instadebit in Canada

The use of Instadebit has seen a rise in Canada especially in the use of making deposits and withdrawals in Instadebit casinos. Players fancy this form of payment due to its security and anonymity. Players also fancy the instant and real-time payments that come with this method. Whenever a deposit is made to your online casino of choice, the change will be reflected almost immediately and you will be ready to play. There are no fees associated with this form of payment and if there are any, they are user-friendly and negligible. The limits are also favourable and high rollers have something to smile about.

Fees and Limits

One of the perks that Instadebit offers its customers, is that it does not charge fees. This means that there is no fee charged when you transfer money from your bank account to your Instadebit account and the same applies when you deposit funds into an Instadebit casino online. The limits are appealing too as they have very reasonable limits when it comes to the amount of money you allowed to have in your account and the amount you are allowed to transfer or deposit into the online casino of your choice. The currency conversion rates are also user-friendly as they are set according to global Forex exchange rates. One feature that sets it apart from other payment methods is the fact that it uses a credit card system hence the lack of fees charged for its services.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Instadebit

One of the major benefits of using Instadebit as a form of online payment is that the transfer of funds is quick, instant and occurs in real time. You can fund your account using real-time banking and your account is credited immediately. Deposits to Instadebit online casinos are also instant and on the same note, you don’t really have to have funds in your account to make a transaction. Funds can be deducted directly from your bank account in a case where your Instadebit account has insufficient funds. This service can also be used to make withdrawals from online casinos straight to you e-Wallet. The funds are credited in absolutely no time, and in a few cases, you will receive the funds in 2 to 6 hours. Speaking of the e-Wallet, it is good to note that it can be used anywhere you see the logo displayed.

Another major benefit that comes along with Instadebit as a form of payment is its air-tight top notch security. The communication between your bank and casino is encrypted from end to end thus preventing your information from landing in the wrong hands, that is, third parties. This encryption also offers anonymity as you are not giving out your personal or credit card information to any third parties. Some players may see this as a drawback, while others may not mind, but using this method of payment requires that you register and open up an account so that you may be able to use it. Another major drawback is that Instadebit is not available in all countries and some players may be locked out of this service. The same applies to some banks as they do not accept to be a source of funding for this form of payment locking some players out of Instadebit casinos online.

A Short Review of Instadebit as a Form of Payment

In a nutshell, Instadebit is a very safe and secure method of making online payments. A great perk to consider is the lack of fees for the use of its services. Creating an Instadebit account is a quick process and with this, you are assured anonymity and all your private information along with your debit and credit numbers are kept safe. The limits set by this form of payment are high reaching up to $3,000 every week. Withdrawals using this form of payment from casinos are quick and easy and a small fee $2 is charged for direct bank transfer.

Instadebit FAQ

What Benefits does Instadebit bring to Canadian players?

One of the advantages of using Instadebit is that it can be used instantly before you have registered for an account. When depositing at an Instadebit accepting Canadian online casino, simply select the Instadebit options from the list of acceptable payment methods and the registration process will begin automatically. Instadebit supports multiple currencies including the Canadian Dollar, United States Dollar, British Pound and Euro. When you are ready to withdraw funds from your Canadian Instadebit casino online account to your bank account, it usually takes about 3 business days for the online casino to process your withdrawal directly into your bank account of choosing

How do I use Instadebit?

Instadebit is simply attached to your own personal current account, so you don’t need to go through any lengthy processing times or fiddling about with different online accounts. You receive a weekly transaction limit and then you just deposit funds to online casinos, which are processed immediately, via your Instadebit account.

Is Instadebit safe to use?

Instadebit is one of the safest ways to pay online. All payments are encrypted and personal details are kept separate from the payment, making it anonymous as well as secure. One of the security measures is an end to end 128-bit SSL encryption communication system that ensures the safety of your information.

How much will it cost to use Instadebit online?

Every single transaction you make is free of charge with Instadebit, other than if you want to transfer money back to your current or checking account. For that, you will pay a nominal fee of $2 for every withdrawal that you make back to your bank account. This means that casino deposits are free!

Are there deposit limits for Instadebit?

For your current deposit limits, visit the cashier to find out. There are limits that have been set by Instadebit, however, over the normal online casino limits. To have your limits raised, you can contact either the online casino or Instadebit support. The limits for first-time users tend to be lower, however bank. In a nutshell

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