Jackpot Slots and Progressive Jackpots

Winning a jackpot at a casino is one of the most sought-after results when playing at online casinos. All jackpots offer the chance to win substantial sums that can provide you with huge amounts of cash that you can enjoy. While you can win big money on most slots, a jackpot slot will possess much larger sums than conventional slots.

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On this page, we take a look at jackpot slots and explain why you should be hunting them out, how you can define a jackpot slot, and what sort of money can be won from a jackpot. This will help you play jackpot slots and increase your chance of winning big on an online casino jackpot.  

History of Jackpots

The history of jackpots is one that goes far back into the history of gambling and far exceeds the history of online casinos. The term jackpot simply can be fined as the maximum amount of money that a game can provide. For example, a lottery has a jackpot which is the most you win if all your numbers match up. The concept is the same for jackpot slots. When slots are created, real-world or online, they have a pre-determined amount that you can win and if you reach that, you have hit the jackpot.

In the real world of jackpots, a machine will have a number and then it is usually triggered at the point where enough money has been invested in the machine that is ready to drop. At which point, the game will be more susceptible to paying out its total amount. In real-world pokies, this would be a pre-determined amount on that slot and it would maybe be a few hundred dollars. Online casinos though have massively changed how these works.

There are two main reasons why this has happened. For one, both game providers and casinos together can provide much more lucrative payouts as they have more access to players and have more games available and so by nature, can afford to pay out bigger amounts. Therefore, the sums available are larger. The second difference is due to the fact slot games are connected; the concept of a progressive jackpot was created. This means that players from across the world can all play one single game and increase that amount. This amount can then be won by any player.

The number of jackpots available and the amounts that can be won on each of them are, therefore, much larger than the couple hundred-dollar prize fund that real-world jackpots have previously offered. As such, there is more access to jackpots and more money available when you play them online. Hence, why their popularity has increased in the modern era of casino gameplay.

The difference between Static and Progressive Jackpots

There are basically two types of jackpots available on slots and knowing the difference is important. This is because the range of games that offer these jackpots are usually completely different and will define the amounts that are up for grabs – with one type offering larger jackpots that the other.

Static Jackpots

Static or Fixed Jackpots are jackpots that have a pre-determined amount of money set by the game’s creator. These are similar to the traditional jackpots that have long been available. The value of this jackpot will be the same for everyone and will not be affected by where it is being offered or how many players play it. These make up the largest majority of slot games. The total jackpots will vary from slot to slot but will usually offer lower amounts than progressive jackpots.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive or Pooled jackpots are the slots where you can win the largest amounts of money. The reason for this is because the more players that play them and invest money in the slot, the more the total amount will increase. There is no pre-determined amount on them and there is no cap to how high they can go. The same progressives can all be contributed too across a wide range of online casino and so players from across the world will all be adding the amount. Thus, they can grow to very high amounts. They do eventually drop and when they do, any player could be the one who walks away with the money it holds.  

Biggest Progressive Jackpot Slot Wins

How much exactly can these progressives grow to? Well, below you will find the top 3 wins ever to see the upper end of the progressive jackpot win possibilities.

Mega Moolah – $32.718.790,27 New Zealand Dollar

The Mega Moolah series from Microgaming is famous for their big progressive jackpots and this is owed the fact that they hold the record for the biggest ever win. In 2015, £13,209,300 (the equivalent to 32.718.790,27 New Zealand Dollar) was won by a 26-year-old in Britain.  

Mega Fortune – $31.908.733,59 New Zealand Dollar

Mega Fortune is very close in second place with a €17,861,800 total win that was taken home by a Finnish player. Amazingly, this huge amount was won from an investment that was valued at just 25c. This is the perfect example of how progressive jackpots can all be about being in the right place at the right time.

Mega Fortune – $20.973.597,00 New Zealand Dollar

Mega Fortune also paid out the 3rd largest jackpot win of all-time. Although this amount was nearly $10,000,000 NZD less than the number 2 on the list, we are sure the Norwegian winner didn’t grumble too much as he walked away with a €11,736,375 prize.

How to Win a Jackpot

Now you see how much you can win, the question is, how can YOU win? Well, the answer comes down to the jackpot slot in question. There a number of different ways the jackpot can be won. In most cases, particularly on progressive jackpots, the jackpot will be awarded completely at random. This means it is a case of being in the right place at the right time but of course, the more often you play them the higher chance of you being the player to talk away with it. This is not always the case, however.

In some cases, where a bonus game is in place, it may only be possible to walk away with the full prize sum via entering into this bonus game and completing whatever it asks you to do. This means that you must master this bonus game in order to be best prepared to walk away with the jackpot.  Of course, again, this means it is somewhat a process of trial and error and spending a little longer on the game in order to increase your chances.

At other slots, the jackpot may require you to ensure that you are playing on the highest possible level. As such, you will need to ensure that you are playing with the highest bet amount and with the total number of possible paylines in place. In doing so, the only players who walk away with the jackpot will be the ones who are playing on the top level. While smaller amounts will be distributed from the total jackpot to other players. Naturally, hunting out these jackpots is a high-risk high reward strategy but, in these examples, it will also usually mean larger payouts are available on route to achieving the jackpot that aren’t available to lower investing players.   

standalone jackpots

Standalone Jackpots

Standalone jackpots are essentially the same as Static Jackpots. This means that the number available is pre-determined and no matter where or when you play it, the number that is available is always available and is available to every player who accesses the slot.

local progressive jackpots

Local Progressive Jackpots

Local Progressive Jackpots are jackpots that are set and made available on slots by the casino. As such, they are exclusive only to that casino and they won’t be available at any other casino, even if they offer the same slot. The total value of the jackpot can therefore only be won and contributed to by players of that casino. It may be the case that multiple slots on that casino can reach the jackpot, permitting you to play them at that casino only.

wide area network jackpots

Wide Area Network Progressives

Usually the biggest jackpot, Network Progressive are progressive jackpots that are contributed to and can be won by any players who are playing at any online casino that offers that game. Therefore, if both Casino A and Casino B offer the same slot, the same jackpot amount will be available and possible to be contributed to or won by players of both sites. This heightens the possibility of that jackpot growing to a very large amount.  

Slot Developers with Big Wins

Below you will find the jackpots from the biggest slot providers in the business.

Jackpots from NetEnt

Considered the main powerhouse in the online game providing world, NetEnt’s jackpot slots include:

  • Mega Fortune
  • Hall of Gods
  • Arabian Nights
  • Mega Fortune Dreams

The first of which you may remember from two of the biggest wins ever recorded.

Jackpots from Playtech

PlayTech has one of the largest selections of jackpot slots, with over 30 options. Due to this large number we have lowered to the list to just 5 of our favourites:

  • Dollar Ball
  • Marvel Slots
  • Beach Life
  • Age of the Gods
  • Gladiator

Generally, PlayTech don’t offer such large amounts of their progressive jackpots but instead, have unique and exciting designs many of which you may already be familiar with.

Jackpots from Microgaming

Microgaming is another well recognisable and much-loved game on the slot game circuit, who also provide a wide selection of top jackpots. These include:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Cash Splash
  • Roulette Royal
  • Treasure Nile
  • Lots A Loot
  • Cyberstud
  • King Cashalot
  • Jackpot Deuces
  • Triple Sevens
  • Atlantean Treasure Mega Moolah
  • Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah
  • Isis Mega Moolah
  • Supa Jax
  • Mega Vault Millionaire
  • Major Millions
  • Tunzamunni

Their Mega Moolah series is their most recognisable of the lot with the original being the game that provided the biggest ever payout. However, all of the series offer the same progressive so you can win the same big money on any of them.

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