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What you should know about Dunedin Casino, New Zealand 

Established in 1999 and owned by one of New Zealand’s most famous hotel dealers and managers, Early Hagaman, Dunedin casino is one of the most popular land-based casinos in NZ. The casino is a sight to behold and is located within Dunedin – the second-largest city in NZ – inside the Southern Cross Hotel building, on 118 High Street.

The casino is an excellent choice for most New Zealand gambling enthusiasts. Dunedin Casino gives players an exceptional gaming experience despite their levels of expertise.

The impressive interior of the casino is a blend of both the old and the new. It’s an excellent place for players who have only played at online casinos and are always yearning for a real brick and mortar casino experience. Dunedin is one of the gambling havens in New Zealand and you can be sure that you will enjoy your gaming experience.

Dunedin Casino’s is classy and exceptional, clearly demonstrated by the deployment of the latest electronic casino games, authentic mosaic floors, and a breathtaking staircase installed inside the classical aesthetics that have been the same for decades. 

Best of all, Dunedin casino is made more appealing by its scenic view and historical significance, which offers more than just casino games for New Zealand players and visitors. The casino further provides private gaming areas on request. 

Quick facts:
Website: dunedincasino.co.nz
Established: 1999 in Dunedin City – New Zealand
Owner: Early Hagaman
Customer serving rating: 4/5
New players and visitors rating: 3/5

Discounts on drinks.
Loyalty discounts on food from the Café and Grand Bar
Redeemable dining bonus points.
Special parties and birthday meals

What to know when visiting Dunedin Casino

Once you’ve made your mind and decided it’s time for you to tour Dunedin Casino, here’s everything you should keep in mind to help you enjoy your visit without any hustles:

  • Dunedin Casino’s Dress Code

Unlike other casinos where you can visit and play without worrying about your looks, Dunedin Casino brings players a classical feel and lifestyle where you’re expected to dress to kill.

The casino requires you to have smart and neat attire to help every participant feel professional and exceptional compared to other casinos where normalcy is a nome. Dressing in some casual attire like flip-flops is not allowed.

  • Dunedin Casino’s Age restriction 

According to Dunedin Casino’s rule of thumb, players should be mature enough to know what they’re doing. As such, all participants playing Dunedin Casino games, competitions, and promotions must be twenty years and above.

  • Fantastic Hotel experience and unique menu lists

Dunedin’s hotel kiwi classics will get you sorted more so if you’re a fan of sweet treats.  The menu offers recipes that celebrate New Zealand’s best plates of seafood, lamb, and other classical sweet treats that’ll you will surely love. Even better, you can surprise your tastebuds with handmade desserts and lamb fries or steaks.

  • Safe parking at Dunedin Casino-NZ

Dunedin Club Casino members have excellent access to safe and secure parking that is accessed off High Street at an affordable price of only NZ$1 per hour. Best of all, you can pay parking fees with your redeemable bonus points or cash to the Cashiers desk to validate your exit. 

However, it is wise to note that validating your exit from Dunedin Casino is timed. You can only exit the place between the hours of 11 am, and 2:30 am.

Dunedin Casino Operating Hours

The casino is opened daily from 12pm and is only closed during Good Friday and Christmas Day. 

Excellent Dunedin Casino Game Selection

Dunedin casino offers New Zealanders an extensive selection of games including over 12 gaming tables, and over 180 electronic games. You will enjoy some of the most popular table games including:

  • Live Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Blackjack 
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette

On the other side, electronic casino games at Dunedin casino are made up of:

  • Video poker
  • Pokies
  • Electronic roulette

These, and more, are New Zealand’s most popular casino games. You can join the Club Casino, a free loyalty reward program that will give you access to more free games, competitions, and promotions from the operator.

What Does Dunedin Casino excel at?

As stated earlier, Dunedin casino is one of New Zealand’s most favorite land-based casinos, from its fantastic casino experience plus the extra customer services that you can hardly get from other land-based casinos. Here’s what the casino excels at:

First, the Club Casino is free for all customers; you don’t need to pay a penny to join the club casino at Dunedin land-based casino.

Secondly, becoming a member of the casino gives you access to exclusive discounts on food and beverages and exclusive draws. Consequently, being a free member offers you a chance to earn points while gaming, which you can redeem for a wide variety of rewards.

Moreover, gambling at the casino is split into table games, video poker, and pokie machines, making it easy for every player to come and get straight to where they desire. The casino also has unique coffee tables within the rooms, making it possible for anyone to gamble and enjoy themselves with their favorite beverages, which is hard with other land-based casinos that don’t mix games and entertainment.

The casino also has excellent bars and restaurants with exquisite drinks on discounts that you don’t want to miss out on. Some bars and restaurants are located within the premises while others are located off-site to make sure all customers are well catered for.

Some of the bars are tailor-made to suit gamblers who love to spend some time hanging around after playing some games,  while others are made explicitly for excellent meals and partying.

Dunedin Casino Entertainment 

Unlike other land-based casinos, Dunedin casino’s entertainment is one of the most exciting things about it. The casino is filled with dozens of bands and comedians ready to entertain players to the fullest.

There are daily shows cast by residents, and some of the most popular headliners in New Zealand are regularly invited to perform.

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