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If you’re a member of the ardent gambling fraternity in New Zealand, you probably keep updated and are aware of some of the latest developments in the gaming world. Amongst the most impressive developments, is the rapid growth of the mobile casino phenomenon. The concept took the gaming industry by a storm and its not difficult to see that mobile casinos have become a necessity. Today, tens of mobile casinos are popping up every week. 

Best Mobile Casinos in NZ


Mobile gaming has received a huge boost from the increase in usage of mobile devices in nearly all aspects of life today, making mobile casinos as widely used as online gaming, if not more. One of the main reasons is the convenience that comes with mobile casinos; you can keep playing your favorite games on the go, wherever and whenever you want.

However, if you’re truly interested in enjoying your casino games on your mobile device, there are some vital things you are obliged to understand. In this mobile casino guide, you’re going to find out the most important things you should know about mobile casinos including how they work, and how to find the best mobile casinos.

Let’s dive in.

So What are Mobile Casinos?

A mobile casino, also referred to as mobile gambling, is an online casino or a land-based casino that is available on your mobile device through a wireless connection. This means that you can play real money games and win through your mobile device from anywhere, at any time. 

Mobile devices are basically your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

And How Does a Mobile Casino Work?

For a fact, there has never been a better time to enjoy your favorite casino games than in today’s world where game developers are mostly targeting mobile devices. Mobile casinos offer you the same games – or even more – than you would play at a land-based casino, but even better, with mobile casinos, you get to play your games on the go anywhere at any time, so long as you have a stable internet connection.

What makes mobile casinos so attractive to a huge fan base around the world is their easy navigation. The operators put in much effort to arrange and categorize the games in such a manner that you will easily and quickly find your favorite games. Casino games on mobile casinos can be played on special casino apps optimized for mobile devices that run on both Android and iOS platforms. 

If you’re worried about running out of mobile casino games options, you’re wrong; why?

Because mobile casino games and apps are continuously updated almost every day to give you access to the newest and easy to maneuver games around.

You can play mobile casino games in three ways which are app-based or software-based and browser-based. App-based and software-based gameplays are the most common and they offer excellent results despite your level of expertise.

As a rule, different operating systems demand certain thresholds to be met for certain apps to work. As such, the best way to play mobile casino games on an app-based option is to make sure you’ve selected an app that works excellently on your device’s operating system and hardware without compromising the games’ interfaces. To do that, you can seek reviews for different apps on what previous users are have experienced before installing them on your device.

Consequently, if you decide to go with the software option, you can also choose to select available apps that are software optimized for your device and enjoy. Best of all, most of the mobile casino software options are also optimized for windows and Mac. Even better, downloading apps is a walk in the park nowadays. All you need is to visit your mobile device’s casino site and download the app on the given links or search for the casino app in your apps store and download.

Mobile Casinos VS. Online Casinos VS. Land-Based Casinos

If you’re still wondering whether to go with mobile casinos or choose between land-based and desktop casinos, mobile gaming is an excellent choice. Here’s why:

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are becoming slicker and better in almost all aspects, and so gamblers prefer to play on them instead of PCs and land-based avenues. First, logging in to mobile casino websites and the ease of navigation especially during game selection is something you’re going to love about mobile gambling.

What appears on a casino site when you are logged in from a desktop and what you see when using a mobile phone are two different things. Mobile phones tend to display better interfaces and lots of information at once compared to desktops. The reason why mobile casinos will offer you an intuitive experience is that games are packaged and squeezed to fit the screen resolution, thus giving you access to anything you need in a nutshell.

Benefits of Mobile Casino Gaming 

There are tons of reasons why mobile casinos are so popular. To help you understand why you should embrace your gambling on mobile other than any other options, here are the benefits of mobile casino gambling:

  • Fewer distractions – This is self-explanatory. Desktops and land-based casinos are the hearts of distractions from other prospects.  When it comes to desktops, the devices are also overloaded with games and adverts, which will distract you from concentrating on your games than on mobile.
  • Easy billing options – Mobile casinos make gambling easy with their SMS billing option that players can easily link with their mobile accounts and phone bills. 
  • Highly convenient – mobile casinos offer an air of convenience that you hardly get from land-based and desktop casinos. With mobile devices, you can mute your game sounds or hide screen for privacy concerns. 
  • Special features – as stated earlier, mobile casinos are optimized to fit on mobile screens. Because of their software, mobiles offer gamblers special features they can add to their casino games. The recent special feature, for example, is the improvement from 3D graphics to HD. 

Play Mobile Casino Games Wherever You Are

If you’re thrilled by the prospect of playing your favorite casino games anywhere be it when traveling overseas or on a train, then you will never go wrong using a mobile casino.

Mobile casino games offer players an excellent gaming experience despite the location and time. What you only need is your mobile device and a stable internet connection to dive right into your games without any hustle.

Games come in all types and categories, giving you a chance to select what suits you based on where you are and the time. For instance, if you’re at a place where you can hardly play games using the night-mode or games with unclear interfaces, you can simply increase your mobile’s screen resolution or select games with brighter colors.

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How Do I Find the Best Mobile Casino?

After you’ve decided to play mobile casino, especially if you’re a newbie, settling on the best among the thousands of mobile casinos available can be overwhelming. As such, here are things you’re going to need to look for to find the best mobile casino for you:

First, you’ll need to ask yourself questions like:

  • Which are the best games to play with my device?
  • Are there promotions and bonuses for me in these games?
  • How safe are the games and apps I’m selecting?

These questions and more will help you gauge the games you’re about to dive into. Moreover, here are things to consider while finding the best mobile casino:

The casino’s reputation

Before you consider weighing the pros and cons of the mobile casino you’re going to play, make sure you’ve clear knowledge on the site’s and games’ reputation from previous players’ reviews. This is to help you avoid falling into the hands of con artists on the web who aims at exploiting gamblers and take their hard-earned money.

With this in mind, make sure you only stick to big and reputable names that are registered and authorized by respectable gambling authorities and have no fraud records.

Casino’s wagering requirements

The best mobile casinos are those that offer a wide range of rewarding bonuses and promotions. Best of all, welcome packages from the best casinos should range from free money, which you’re advised to play with before depositing your cash, free spins, deposit bonuses, and more.

Regardless of what you’ve selected between an app or software-based mobile games, it is always wise to make sure you choose the ones that offer you generous bonuses and promotions. Lastly, make sure the casino you select is user-friendly, and the game interfaces are easy to navigate.

How Good is the Game Selection on Mobile Casinos?

The game selection in most mobile casinos is almost the same as the range offered on online casinos and definitely more than what is offered in land-based casinos. Ranging from table games and pokies, to live casino games, mobile casinos have the ability to offer thousands of games from different game developers.

The good thing about selecting games on mobile casinos is that you can easily get a synopsis of all the available games and their features, which helps you make an informed decision before playing a game.

Games that Work on All Platforms

Mobile Casino games are available on different mobile devices across platforms such as iOS, Android. But you could also play casino games right from your mobile browser. Both app and browser mobile casino games are well designed with user-friendly interfaces that are seamless on any device. Games that you can play on your mobile browser do not in any way depend on your mobile platform since you will not have to download an app.

There is no big difference in the gameplay between playing mobile casino on apps or from your browser. However, it is better to try both just to gain experience on how different games will perform.

Unique Bonuses for Mobile Casino Gamers

When you compare mobile casino games and desktop games, you’re going to note that mobile casinos offer more bonuses and promotions than others. This is because mobiles have special features like SMS billing and more, which makes it easy to provide more bonuses.

Mobile devices are also personal devices and are easily associated with a player. This means that an operator will recognize you from your mobile device and can offer you a tailor-made bonus, like loyalty rewards.


As you can imagine, gambling on your mobile devices is more convenient and offers better options for bonuses and promotions than land-based and desktops. Even better, mobile casinos are a lot more fun for many people who are always on the go, plus you’re eligible to play your games in private.

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