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The casino landscape is always changing and evolving. One of the biggest ways this is happening is with the addition of new online casinos being added to the options available to New Zealand players. The NZ casino market is one of the fastest growing and this is being reflected in the number of new casinos. New casinos naturally give new ways to play online and earn rewards. The only issue is that with all the new online casinos, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, there is no need to worry as we are to help.

Hottest New Casinos


Our mission is to provide you with all the best new online casinos to enter the NZ casino market and provide detail reviews of their service so you know what you can benefit from them. While a selection of our top picks of the new online casinos is found below. Moreover, this page is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to evaluate new casinos and see which ones best fit your needs. For all this, carry on reading.

New Casinos, New Benefits

We know what you are thinking, “Why do I need a new casino?”. Well, the answer comes down to how fast the casino industry moves. It is a rapidly evolving industry where casinos must compete to be the best and this is especially true for new casinos entering the market. With so many established names on the market, to lure people away from their tried and trusted casinos, they offer more benefits to their players. This means that while you may be content at your current casino, at a new casino they may have taken that casino experience you enjoy so much and taken it to the next level in many ways. A selection of these may include:

Interesting Promotions

Promotions have always been how casinos attract players in and for a new casino, this is no different. In fact, they are used more than ever before to attract players in more ground-breaking and generous ways. These include great promotions as welcome bonuses, as well as far into the future too. This means that more so than ever before, playing at a new online casino can mean that you are benefiting more simply for signing up and then will continue to do so on a weekly basis too.

Great Customer Support

Gamblers often talk about their service at online casinos. This can be done in person, in special gambling groups chats, or on online forums. One of the most common issues that come up is how they are treated by the customer support teams. New casinos have listened to these issues and now know that customer support is part of their service they must hold highly. Hence, new casinos have exceptional customer support with modern ways to get in touch.

Convenient Payment Methods

The way we bank has changed forever and new casinos have made sure that they have stayed up to date. This has meant faster transactions, both in and out of their casino, as well as more advanced ways to do this. This includes more advanced payment methods and even whole new concepts altogether, like cryptocurrencies, become a more widely accepted payment method.

New Experience

It sounds simple but new experiences are always available at new casinos. It is easy to come accustomed to a casino site you have been playing for a while but trying something new can also be beneficial. This can include all the elements we have mentioned in this section, as well as other new features or surprises that you otherwise wouldn’t have experienced if you had chosen to try a new casino.

Generous Promos and Bonuses

We have already mentioned this but it is very important element of new casinos. It is the main way they can attract players to their new casinos that don’t have any clout yet on the casino scene.

Most notably, this includes the increased values available via welcome bonus at new casinos. The 100% bonus up to $100 is being replaced by bigger percentages and cash amounts. While 3- and 4-part welcome bonus is becoming even more common than ever before

However, new casinos are thinking outside the bonus. In one new casino, they had abandoned a one-off welcome bonus in favour of daily bonuses that reflect whatever amount you want. This means that you can essentially get a bonus every time you enter the casino not just once. While other new casinos are thinking of other ways, they can keep people returning.

This includes more innovative loyalty schemes that follow a theme, such a travelling over a map collecting treasures, or on-site points that you can redeem for more prizes. As such, more so than ever before, these new casinos are rewarding you for showing your loyalty and commitment to them.

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What to expect from New Casinos 2020?

In 2020, new casinos are going to continue competing harder than ever before for your playtime. While this will see them carrying on what they have been doing for years, such as keeping sure new state of the art games are being added to their service and providing innovative and lucrative promotions, new technology is likely to change the way you play.

The roots of this have already been shown as we have seen the first VR casinos launching, which will become the go-to way to play for many users looking for a more immersive experience. While the actual games themselves you will play. They have implemented new options to play live casino, with an increasing new of gameshow inspired games. Meanwhile, for sports fans, a combination of virtual sports and fantasy league means you are in control of the results more than ever.

Currently, the way casinos are heading is to dive deeper into the route of technology so that players are no longer just playing games but are actually part of the game. Therefore, players will begin having more say in the results of games, as well as the promotions and benefits that they can stand to gain.

Trends in New Casino Sites

New casinos sites have continuously been sticking to visible trends and in today’s casino landscape, this is no different.

Themes & Designs

Themes and designs are an important way a casino stands out and appeals to players. While some casinos sites go for their luxurious, slick feel, while others take a laidback colourful approach to their casino, others instead decide to focus on a complete concept that their casino surrounds, like space or ancient history. These each appeal to different types of players. Nowadays, the themes and designs are getting more intricate and mean more to the other elements of the casino than ever before. This has meant judging a book by its cover is becoming more important than it was.

New Games

If a casino wants to compete, then new games are a must. The biggest focus is on state-of-the-art slots with more features than ever before. However, classic games are getting more realistic with higher-quality graphics that make you feel like you are in a real-world casino. While those who want to immerse themselves can enjoy live streams that are seamless and connect you with the game than any virtual gaming experience ever could before. New games are getting more exciting than ever before and new casinos offer them all.

Fast Payments

Payments are changing across the world and no more so than online. Speed is what all clients are looking for now and players don’t want to wait 5 working days for their winnings to arrive. This is why streamlined withdrawals processes mean that withdrawals that previously took days, now take just a few hours or even minutes.

Mobile Focus

The mobile revolution is here and every single day more people are converting to mobile casinos for the convenience they offer over a desktop version. Mobile sites are a must now for online casinos, so virtually every casino now offers a mobile version. However, even this isn’t good enough anymore and casinos need to have high-tech apps that offer incentives to play them over their rivals, whether that be mobile bonuses, exclusive games or special features found only on the mobile app.

Innovative Technology

Innovative technology can be seen in all elements of new casinos from their payments, to their games, to their better navigation and overall player experience. Technology has always been a fundamental part of online casinos and the tech race among new casinos are closer than ever leaving some of the more outdated casinos in their dust.


One of the most interesting ways gamification has been implemented surrounds the concept of loyalty schemes. Naturally, casinos are already about games but the loyalty schemes now implemented by new casinos takes that up a notch. On many now, the games you play in the casino will help you progress on a separate game that the loyalty scheme focuses on. Thus, playing a slot can see you travelling further across an on-site map, while playing a set amount of time could see you earn enough points to redeem equipment to progress your on-site character. As such, the elements of an RPG and casinos are becoming further intertwined and increases gamification on new casinos.  


Since the bitcoin boom of late-2017, crypto has made a bigger impact on the world. However, cryptocurrencies were already available at some of the most innovative casinos. In recent years though, crypto-centric casinos that offer exclusive crypto-only games or bonuses are more common, while a handful of casinos out there are exclusively designed for cryptocurrency players. As crypto payments become more common, you can expect this to become a norm at online casinos before long.  

The last few years Casino Trends

2020 is going to be full of new casino trends, much like every year before it. But what were the trends of previous years? Let’s take a look.

crypto casinos

New Casinos 2019 – Crypto Casinos

Last year, it is fair to say the rise of crypto casinos was one of the biggest trends of the year. While these were always around for some years now, new casinos were nearly all launching with support for crypto gameplay. Whether this meant merely the option to deposit via leading cryptocurrencies, or with crypto-specific games as part of their selection, crypto casinos ballooned last year and nowadays, very few casinos launch without support for crypto assets.

virtual sports

New Casinos 2018 – Virtual Sports

Virtual sports were first brought out toward the end of 2017 but over the course of 2018, virtual sports became more commonplace and many casinos offer these. They are inspired by real-world sports, like football, horse racing, or basketball, but they offer RNG results with animated players deciding the results. It combined the thrills of sport betting and FIFA and meant waiting for a weekend of sport was a thing of the past. Some casinos even moved this up a notch and let players make their own teams, own leagues and own events where they could compete in virtual sports against other players worldwide.

no wagering spins

New Casinos 2017 – No Wager Spins

Prompted by a clampdown on bonuses on the UK market, many casinos began offering free spins that had no wagering requirements. Hence, you could keep what you win without playing with the money. For a while, these were very commonly found but have since dwindled down in number. Nonetheless, there is still some casinos that offer these to players and they should absolutely be snapped up.


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New casinos are popping up every single day with new and exciting features to offer players and change the way we see casino gameplay forever. With this considered, you, as a player, do not want to be stuck with a humdrum service that offers nothing innovative and nothing unique to your gameplay.

New casinos are the future and everything they offer is going to be designed with the purpose in mind to better the existing casinos on the market.  Therefore, by nature they are going to better than the older casinos. Even if they are not to your tastes, there is nothing stopping you returning to the casino you previously used and the worst-case scenario is you have a better and more exciting time. As such, you should check out the wide range of new online casinos we offer and promote on our site. is a comparison site for online casinos. The information on the site is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. Links, banners and any other images that lead to operators from the site are advertisements. Third parties may change or cancel bonuses/offers at any time and CasinoGuide cannot be held responsible for incorrect information. Offers only apply to players over the age of 18. Welcome offers only apply to new players. Please follow the link to “Terms & Conditions” to find out more about us and our policy. 

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