These 7 Animals are Associated with Good Luck


We often wish each other good luck, but some people don’t believe in luck.

However, we sometimes share similar beliefs with regard to certain animals and their ability to bring us good luck.

Let’s talk about 7 lucky animals across the world.

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Rabbits represent fertility and success.

People in Northern Europe gave their children white rabbits to bring success in life.

In North America and Britain, people recite the word rabbit after waking up at the beginning of the month to invite good luck.

In Africa, Europe, China, and America, the foot of a rabbit symbolizes good luck.

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The goldfish symbolizes fertility and abundance.

In Greece, the fish brought good fortune in relationships.

It’s also Buddha’s sacred symbol.

It is thought to bring good fortune in the southern parts of Europe and Slavic tales.

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People associate frogs with rain, happiness, safe journeys, fertility, growth, and abundance.

This belief is common in Japan and China.

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Many religions and cultures (especially in India and Buddhism) associate elephants with good luck.

They place elephant statues in their houses to bring security, love, fertility, and success in education.

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Ancient Egyptians termed cats as sacred animals. In Japan, the white figurine maneki-neko is a famous lucky charm.

In Germany, you are lucky if you cross paths with a black cat.

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Ancient Egyptians believed that scarab beetles brought good luck and associated them with protection and the life-giving god Ra.

In Europe, Serbia, and Russia, ladybugs represent good luck.

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Pigs symbolize good luck in German, China, and other countries.

They used to represent wealth in the past.

Think of the numerous piggy banks in different parts of the world and try the When Pigs Fly slot.

Which animals bring you good luck?

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