9 Awesome Websites to Help You Relax During Gaming Breaks


Gamers need to take a break especially when the losses are too much to bear.

In fact, taking a break is a good practice for responsible gamblers.

You need to relax if you find yourself in distress.

Your mobile device or computer will help you relax by accessing these 9 relaxation sites.


Calm.com is a popular relaxation site that allows you to meditate.

You can choose the length of your break, use their audio guide, and enjoy the gorgeous animations.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

We are living in a busy world where falling asleep can be a problem.

With this in mind, this calming website will help you relax for two minutes while doing nothing.


This relaxation website will help you enjoy some cool music and calming rainfall sounds.

Set the volume and relax.

The Tonematrix

You can use this amazing audio tool to compose your own song.

The pentatonic sequencer offers a wide range of possible combinations in the form of clickable squares.

Relax Infinity

Red Bull makers have taken relaxation to the internet by introducing their Eternal Bliss website.

The website allows you to control your relaxing journey and explore various relaxation zones.

Put in some headphones and start your calming journey.

The Quiet Place

We all need to stay away from our stressful life.

Luckily, this website provides a virtual escape to help you relax.

This is Sand

This is a useful tool if you love art. You can use the website or download the iOS or Android app.

Select your favorite color and tap the screen.

Relax and watch the sand pile into beautiful layers.


This website uses Google’s Street View technology to take you to different parts of the world.

Use it to visit spectacular places.

You don’t need an airplane!


Use this tool if you are thinking about the perfect holiday destination.

Visit the website and enjoy those thrilling videos, cool audio tracks, snowy mountains, and ocean waves.

Feel free to comment on our list of relaxation websites.

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