Interesting Stories About Famous Athlete Gamblers


If you read stories about the gambling habits of professional athletes, you’ll realize that gamblers who love placing huge bets can end up losing millions.

Same famous sportspersons have taken unbelievable risks.

Let’s talk about them, shall we?

  • Tiger Woods – Tiger Woods is a professional golfer and a renowned gambler. He often visits the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas and plays Blackjack with 25,000 dollars per hand and a limit of $1,000,000.
  • Michael Jordan – In 1993, this famous basketball player gambled in Atlantic City prior to a game and incurred a loss of $165,000. According to Adam Jones from Cincinnati Bengals, Jordan lost more than $5M in 2007 while playing craps.
  • Charles Barkley – This basketball legend lost $1,000,000 at least ten times in one day! During an interview, Barkley told Graham Bensinger that it was fun to win money. He said his goal was not to win large amounts of money; he only wanted to try.
  • Wayne Rooney – Rooney has already talked about his gambling problems. According to The Sunday Mirror, the famous English footballer accumulated £700k in debt on sports betting. In 2008, he lost more than $100k within a day after scoring two goals for England.
  • Michael Phelps – Phelps is said to be worth 55 million dollars. He spends a lot of money on poker. He participated in a poker tournament worth $5,000 and once shared a photo on Twitter showing a chip worth $100K.
  • Floyd Mayweather – Mayweather has shared betting slip photos showing bets of over 100K dollars. He also celebrates his wins on social platforms.
  • Mario Balotelli – The former Man City and Liverpool player now plays for Nice. He once gambled in Manchester and won £25,000. He came across a homeless guy outside the casino and decided to give him £1K.
  • Paul Hornung – In 1963, this former professional footballer was involved in a football gambling scandal, which led to a one-season ban. He had spent hundreds of dollars betting on the NCAA and NFL.

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Overall, gambling is a huge business and celebrities are willing to spend their money on it.

They are competitive and extravagant individuals who want to win.

Where you surprised to see some names on our list?

Which other celebrities should be on this list?

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