Will 5G Technology Change the Way You Game?


Even though the world is yet to fully get its hands on it, we can already anticipate the massive changes 5G is going to bring especially to the gaming world. The next generation of wireless technology will be incredibly faster and effective. We anticipate that 5G will bring noticeable transformations to most digital industries beyond anything we have ever seen. Nonetheless, the transformation will be positive, and the online casino industry is one of those industries that will be heavily affected.   

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5G technology and casino

What’s the Catch?

Much of the excitement surrounding 5G has a lot to do with the carrier capacity and the fantastic raw speed. However, its dawn has more to offer than just the two benefits. Thus, you should be totally excited about the rise of this next-generation technology and the massive impact it brings.

Does Speed Matter that Much?

When it comes to live casinos and New Zealand online casinos, speed plays a huge role in determining the quality of your gaming experience. Developers of live casino games have always targeted to make the gaming experience immersive to feel like an actual online casino. For this to happen, a high-speed and reliable real-time connection is key

For live casino developers to keep immersive, high-quality action coming with their live dealer games as they aim to rise to the top, a reliable and time-effective connection is as vital or even more. What draws most players to live casino is their trustworthiness, where what you see is what you get. Without internet speed and stability, the experience is no longer trustworthy.

This year, the gaming industry is expected to extend its worth to $525 billion. It is also estimated 2.4 billion individuals will play online games this year. Judging by these numbers, the type of digital traffic usually experienced with 4G is likely to be intense. However, 5G is here to change all that. Its increased bandwidth will get rid of the bottlenecks and blockages that occur when there are multiple users online at the same time. That will be a huge leap towards a gaming heaven!

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A Perfect Fit for Live Casino and iGaming     

In the Live Casino Market and iGaming, 5G appears to be a perfect fit. It is significant in that wireless connectivity is what makes mobile gambling so lucrative and possible. The fact that mobile gambling is not limited to any location and that you can play at any time is what makes it exceptional. The possibility of a player to access online casino games without having to stay in a single location depends largely on how stable the internet connection is. 5G provides an internet connection that is stable even in remote and crowded areas.

Reduced Latency

Latency is all about the time it takes to return a piece of data that has been requested. At the moment, 4G, which is currently in use, has a latency rate of about 10mS. However, with the introduction of 5G wireless connectivity, the figure may drop to lower than 0.5mS. This means that your favorite games will be faster and more engaging.   

5G will have a very big positive impact in the fast-growing igaming industry. With the dawn of the next-generation technology, we shall see another face of casino and igaming evolution, that will go beyond our imagination. We can only wait to see the action unfold.

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