Will Airplanes Become Flying Casinos in the Future?


Flying may not be as enjoyable as it sounds and that’s why you need a drink to keep yourself busy.

However, we might start winning jackpots on airplanes in the near future.

Cruise Ship Casinos

Cruise ships have casinos and the big question is can we have casinos on airplanes?

Both means of transport operate under international maritime regulations, but cruise ships have managed to set up onboard casinos.

Their impressive casinos offer a wide range of slots and table games.

Players can also enjoy cocktails and have fun playing under the bright lights.

However, most airliners are still unable to offer simple gambling services.

Flying Casino Experiments

Airliners have actually experimented with in-flight casino games, but things have not turned out well.

Some of the airlines that have tried to introduce flying casinos include SwissAir, Lauda Air, and Singapore Airlines.

Unfortunately, an in-flight gambling system overheated on a SwissAir plane leading to a crash in 1998.

The crash led to 229 deaths and consequently the prohibition of mid-flight gambling.

However, Ryanair has proven it’s possible to gamble on flying airplanes. In 2008, the Irish carrier introduced on-board scratch games.

Since then, the company has earned millions of euros from cards worth 2 euros each.

Interested players ask for cards and enter a draw with 124 other players after scratching a “YES”.

The top prize is worth 1 million euros. The airline’s casino may not be as good as a Vegas casino, but it’s definitely unparalleled in the airline industry.

However, Ryanair’s idea of turning the cargo area into a casino has been a major challenge.

Gambling from Airplane Seats

Although airlines have not been successful in introducing slot games on airplanes, modern planes have advanced technologies such as Wi-Fi, video games, credit card scanners, and TVs.

This makes it easy to introduce in-flight casino games.

Unfortunately, many companies that provide credit card services prohibit gaming transactions.

Moreover, airlines risk facing serious penalties if they allow underage passengers to engage in gambling activities.

Kindly let us know your thoughts on flying casinos.

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