Will Robots Be the Future of Casinos?


In their latest blog post that can be found on their casino, Jackpot City has debated the future of casinos and asked whether or not robots will play a pivotal role moving forward. Of course, the source for the inspiration of the question can be seen in the world around us. Robots are playing a bigger part in everyday life and in the casino industry, technology is one of the most important elements of innovation and moving the industry forward. As such, it is reasonable to assume that the two will soon combine so it is likely that indeed, Robots will be the future of casinos.

What does Jackpot City think?

In terms of Jackpot City’s opinion on the Robots at Casinos, their opinions are centre predominantly on their influence on real-world casinos and the day-to-day tasks needed to ensure a fluid and secure experience for their players. There are four areas they cover in regards to this and have shared their thoughts about. They are as follows:

Robotic Security Systems – The first area they have looked at is the implementation of Robotic Security Systems which aims to eradicate cheating at casinos or other similar illicit activities. Automated systems, like facial recognition, are already in place but Robots could take this a step further. The biggest example would be drones which could circle the casino and follow people around to help ensure troublemakers are monitored without blind spots

Robotic Waiting Staff – The inspiration for this possibility comes from similar “waiter robots” found in Japan and Afghanization. The concept is simple, rather than humans delivering drinks to clients playing at tables, a robot would do the job instead. Currently, it seems that we are a long way off from this but it is certainly something that could be realistic in the next decade.

Robotic Bartender – A similar concept that theoretically would combine with the robotic waiting stuff to provide a completely human-free drink acquiring service. Plans for such robots have been in the making for over 70 years and reasonable success has been achieved. Again, though, it could be some time before this becomes a common feature at casinos.

Robotic Croupiers – Something that we think would be a more realistic expectation for robots at casinos in the near future is robot croupiers. These would be ideal for playing simpler casinos games like blackjack, for example, and according to Jackpot City, the technology is already quite advanced. This would, in theory, result in more accurate deals and result recording.

So…. Will Robots Be the Future of Casinos?

While all these robotic innovations are no doubt possible. The reality is that these are not a common feature in NZ casinos, nor are they anywhere else in the world currently, and it could be a while. Furthermore, whether the public accept and be open to robots in a casino is another thing entirely. This said, with many more people playing online as opposed to real-world casinos, if robots can improve the real-world scene then perhaps it may be inevitable. 

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