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Echeck is fast becoming one of the most popular ways for casino deposits in New Zealand. The main feature of this deposit method is that it lets you deposit directly from your bank account. The payment is instant, and the reason for a progressive increase in online casinos that accept Echeck. The option works just like a physical check, but the processing for the same is instant. This method is one of the safest methods to deposit money in a casino account. Even the leading banks in New Zealand are recommending the casino players to use this method of payment, as it is the most secure methods to make deposits at casinos.

  • Echeck works like a physical check
  • It is one of the quickest methods to make deposits
  • Safe and secure, recommended by banks

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Using Echeck for Online Casinos

Most casinos have all the payment methods for its customers, which include the Echeck option. Echeck online casinos have been on the rise in New Zealand and the reason is the safety features this method has. The latest technology of digitally encrypted signature is used, which makes forgery almost impossible. This is unlike other payment methods like debit and credit cards where online forgery is widely prevalent. So, what makes this method of payment click with players and casinos alike? The reason is simple, the player is sure about the safety of his funds and the casino is guaranteed the payment. Yes, it takes some time for the check to go through the clearing process, but is quicker than a physical check.

It normally takes three to five business days for an Electronic check to clear. So, do you have to wait for playing at Echeck casinos that long? Well, if you want to use the method and play instantly, just talk to the customer service of the online casino. Some casinos allow instant access to games much before the check is cleared. The process starts with registration and linking of the Echeck account. The first thing to do is to verify the casino account where you will be making deposits, followed by the bank account you would be using. Once all steps are done, you will be able to transfer funds using this mode of payment.

Opening an Echeck account

An Electronic check account is opened almost entirely on the internet. You just need to have a checking account in your name and then follow the process. The process is properly explained in any Echeck casino which lists this method of making deposits. The first thing to do is to open a checking account with a bank. If you already have a checking account, you can skip this step. Now, you need to provide the same checking account details to the online casino to link the bank account to the casino deposit account. Once the linking is done, you can either place the order of opening the Echeck account with your bank online or call the customer service and follow the required steps. When the bank accepts your request, you can fill the details and issue the check to the cashier of the online casino. The usual details that need to filled are bank name, account number and routeing number. The bank simply sends the digital check to the casino, which may take from one working day to five working days to clear. Once the funds are in your account, you can buy chips and enjoy games!

Using Echeck in New Zealand

Echeck is the most popular method for making deposits and also for making withdrawals. People of New Zealand prefer this method over other methods, as it is as safe as a physical check. With encrypted digital signature, forgery is almost impossible with this mode of payment. In spite of being done online frauds are prosecuted in the same vain as with a physical check. Thus your money is completely safe and you can enjoy playing at Echeck casinos without being worried about forgery and fraud. The only thing to make sure before issuing the electronic check is to ensure availability of funds, which is quite similar to a physical check.

Fees and Limits

Transactions cost for the player is generally free in Echeck casino. Any transaction fee if applicable is for the casino only. The only instance when an Echeck can cost is when you do not have funds in your checking account. In this case, a standard fee of NZD30 is charged. So, make sure you have enough funds before issuing an electronic check to the casino. There are some lower and upper limits to the amount you can deposit using Echeck. This depends on the casino, but generally, the lower limit is NZD20 and the upper limit NZD2000. You can make payments of any value between these limits. For values below or above this amount, you have to use the payment method suggested by the casino where you are playing.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Echeck

The advantages of using the electronic check are quite clear. The most obvious advantage is the safety and security it provides. Since you go through the usual process of check clearance there are minuscule chances of frauds and forgeries. Another advantage is that it is simple to issue an electronic check, and you will rarely overspend using this method. The reason players will want to use this payment mode is the cost. This mode of making deposits is free at almost all online casinos, and that attracts a lot of players wanting to use the method. Echeck is a popular method but not as popular as bank wire transfer. Even online casinos that accept Echeck prefer bank transfer and the main reason is the speed of money transfer. Electronic checks invariably take a day to five days before funds are available.

This means you will have to wait to play your favourite game, and that is not a good feeling. You may even lose interest to play by the time money is available in your casino account. Of course, there are some casinos that offer instant play option after making a deposit through electronic check but they are rare. Echeck has some other issues as well when it comes to reviewing your checking account for the payments you have made. Once you have made a deposit to Echeck online casinos and want to cancel the check, the process is not simple. If the money has been deducted it is hard to retrieve. The only options the gamer has is to withdraw from the deposit account from the casino, and it takes almost seven working days for this to happen.

  • Using Echeck is one of the safest method to make casino deposits
  • The cost of transactions is NIL for the player
  • The money transfer via echeck may take one to seven days
  • Withdrawn money via echeck is hard to retrieve

Review of Echeck payment method

Echeck is a secure method of making payments online. The drawback associated with using Echeck is the time it takes to process. However, with the advancement of technology, the time taken has been reduced. Generally, an electronic check is cleared within hours. It ios also popular as you can make high-value payments without any risk. The ease of the payment mode also makes it one of the most desirable methods to make casino deposits. Yes, the payment mode is not as fast as wire transfer and takes some time to process, but that is an obvious cost for the safety of your money. is a comparison site for online casinos. The information on the site is intended for entertainment and information purposes only. Links, banners and any other images that lead to operators from the site are advertisements. Third parties may change or cancel bonuses/offers at any time and CasinoGuide cannot be held responsible for incorrect information. Offers only apply to players over the age of 18. Welcome offers only apply to new players. Please follow the link to “Terms & Conditions” to find out more about us and our policy. 

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