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Entropay is another incredible addition to an array of payment methods available to online casino lovers in New Zealand. Distinctively designed for tech-savvy players, this mode of payment welcomes you to the world of gaming with unmatched convenience, simplicity and guaranteed security for your money accounts. Entropay casino deposits are quite a simple task. By just visiting the website of this online financial provider, you shall be required to give a few of your personal details. Upon completion, a cool virtual visa card shall be issued to you. With this method of payment gaining unprecedented popularity on the leading web-based gaming sites, you have every reason to give it a try.

  • Entropay is accepted by a large number of online gaming sites
  • Players do not have to disclose their financial information like bank balances
  • The speed and convenience of entropy cards is unmatched

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Using Entropay For Online Casinos

Since the inception of Entropay virtual cards in the early 2000s, its usage has been on an upward trend. Convenience, Ease of access, online financial security and the widening acceptance of Entropay casino deposits are some of the reasons for this trend. Regarding making payments in Entropay, a player first needs to open a virtual account with the guidance of simple steps that are usually displayed on the company’s website. The process takes a short period hence it’s possible to open an account and make payments on the same day. Of importance to note is the fact card holders are not allowed to draw on a credit line.

Once a prospective player has opened an account with Entropay he shall be required to link it with his existing bank or credit and debit card accounts. This way he will be given an opportunity to transfer funds to his account so as to make Entropay casino deposits. Once your Entropay card has been loaded, you can make deposits into your gaming accounts. Visit the gaming site of your choice and proceed to make payment as follows. On the cashier part, select this mode and feed your card number and any authorization code as shall be required for you. However, before making such transfers ensure the site accepts this method of payment.

Opening An Entropay Account

Having an Entropay account in New Zealand is just a few steps from you. Actually, the ease with which an account is opened explains the exponential growth this mode of payment has experienced in recent years. As such, should you be prospecting to be an Entropay casino user, you should follow the following process; Visit the company’s website online and request for account opening. This way you shall be provided with an online standard application form to feed your details. The details needed includes your bank or credit/debit card information, the currency which in this case must be the NZ$ and the amount you wish to transfer to your account. Once you are done with all the requirements, submit your form for verification and, if you verified your account accompanied with a virtual Entropay card would be issued to you promptly. It is this card number that a player uses to activate his personal gaming sessions.

Using Entropay In New Zealand

Using Entropay payment method in New Zealand and the rest of gaming world is fresh, fun and straightforward. The growth in usage of this virtual card in Entropay Casinos has left online casino pundits in a study mode to explain why it has been widely accepted without significant reservations. Regarding making payment, this method is convenient and faster. A player with a functional account visits his favourite gaming site and checks whether this payment method is acceptable. If so, he shall click on the cashier section and enter his number. He shall then select the amount he wants to load from his other financial accounts. The transfer occurs within split seconds, and the player can now use the card balance to bet on his games of choice.

Fees And Limits

Any online gaming enthusiasts whether in New Zealand or elsewhere will always be interested in Entropay fee and charges structure. This is particularly important for comparison purposes and also making claims should there be a discrepancy in the Entropay account. The fees are however capped at reasonable percentages to ensure that player’s interest are shielded from illegal casino sites and financial institutions. For instance, Entropay casino deposits come with a fee that varies depending on where the player is sourcing the funds from. In most cases, ethe figure revolves around 4.95% of the amount deposited. When it comes to cash outs from casino site, a withdrawal fee of 1.95% of the amounts received is applicable. Also, if a player chooses to bankroll on foreign currency, he will be subjected to a foreign exchange fee.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Entropay

Most online casino payment methods including Entropay have some advantages and a handful of drawbacks. In New Zealand online casino setups, the benefits are associated with any means of payment stems from some factors some of which include; simplicity, accessibility, security and user-friendly fees. As such, Entropay casino deposits have the following benefits; Majority of online gaming sites in New Zealand have widely embraced this mode of payment hence the likelihood of rejection is almost nil. Opening an account for gaming purposes is devoid of unnecessary and tiresome long procedures, and the security of a player’s financial accounts is certainly guaranteed because there is a multi-layer of code encryptions in every transaction involving an Entropay account. Also, all transactions come with an instant message which is stored on the company’s servers for future retrievals just in case.

Another benefit associated with Entropay mode of payment is the convenience regarding the speed with which deposits are credited to a player’s account. The process is completed in split seconds hence affording any player a timely gaming session. In the case of a standard Entropay card, the holder can use the card in various mercantile stores apart from gaming sites. As argued earlier, this casino payment method has the following drawbacks; Withdrawing or transferring card balances to your traditional bank account is not instant and as such may take few working days to process. Also, a myriad of fees are charged depending on the service the holder has requested. For instance, a withdrawal fee is subjected to a player’s amount if he wishes to cash out. With such few drawbacks, this method is highly recommended for online casino lovers

  • Entropay mode of payment is widely accepted on the main web-based gaming sites.
  • Opening an Entropay account is quite simple.
  • Cardholder’s financial security is guaranteed.
  • Online casino deposits are credited to a player’s account promptly.

A Review Of Entropay Casino Payment Method

Entropay mode of payment on web-based casino sites in New Zealand and the entire online gaming world has witnessed an unprecedented upward growth. This is due to its user-friendly features. These features have helped to improve casino’s competitive edge in terms timely processing of players’ deposits and ensuring a player’s financial security and online privacy is upheld. With only a few requirements to acquire either the virtual card or a manual one, this mode has proved such a sweet deal to online casino players. Entropay as such continues to enjoy massive support in the online community. Whether new or seasoned casino lover you should try these attractive features in your bankrolls.

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