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The Amex Casino Payment Method Guide

The American express card is one of the oldest methods of payment in the world. This card is commonly referred to as Amex and it is a multinational financial system that boasts of 166 years of experience. It ranks in the top twenty percentile of global brands. This financial system has its origins in the United States of America but can now be found in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. This card can be used to make purchases and service payments both offline and online. If you are a fan of online gambling then simply find online casinos that accept Amex and start playing.

  • Ensures security of your personal financial information
  • Easy and swift processing of casino payments
  • Great mobile payment options for every device.

Using Amex At Your Online Casino

The American express card accounts for over twenty-four percent of credit card transactions in the US. These cards are offered in both euro and dollar currencies for the benefit of foreign account holders. Online purchases account for a very large number of credit card transactions and one of the biggest businesses online are casinos. The Amex mode of payment is an option that is available to casinos. There are however not too many online casinos that accept Amex because of the strict banking regulations in the US. This should not deter you from using the card as a payment option because it has some amazing benefits attached to it such as membership reward points that do not expire.

Amex cards are normally issued through banks and other third party financial providers, so you can easily apply for one at your bank. Using your card at online casinos that accept Amex is very easy. Register for an account with an online casino and select Amex as your preferred payment method on the drop down menu. You will be required to fill in some few details about your card such as the card number and the four digits at the back of your card. Once your details have been accepted you can deposit money into your Amex casino account and submit. The amount you have deposited should reflect on your online account instantly and you can continue enjoying your casino experience.

Steps To Opening An Amex Account

The Amex card is a very great payment partner for anyone who is a fan of online casinos. The steps to acquiring this card are also very simple. You must first apply for a card through a bank or third party financial institution. American express will accept your card application after ensuring that you meet the criteria required for the type of card you have applied for. The bank will then open an account in your name to enable you to make withdrawals and deposits. Depending on the type of card that a client chooses there will be some minimum payments that will be attached. There are lots of bonuses attached to owning an Amex account such as the ability to pay for online casino games using mobile casino Amex. All you need to do is download the American express application to your phone and link it to your account. This will enable you to make payments through your mobile device and enjoy your online casino games on the go.

How Amex Works in New Zealand

The American express modes of payment are readily available in New Zealand with the company having an office in Auckland. All transactions done using the Amex cards are governed by New Zealand law. Just to show you how popular Amex casinos payments are in New Zealand, if you have their platinum card you will have access to over 900 VIP lounges including high roller tables at casinos. The requirements of owning an Amex card are the same in New Zealand as they are in the US no matter what type of card you choose. You can be sure that even in New Zealand you will enjoy the same world-class service and security that comes with American Express.

Fees And Limits

There are three major American Express cards in New Zealand; the air points platinum card, platinum edge credit card and the platinum card. All these cards attract different fees and limits plus they have different bonus rewards, for example, the platinum edge card offers you three membership rewards for every dollar you spend. With this Amex casino card, you will be increasing your reward points every time you place a bet on your favourite casino game. These points can be used and redeemed at local New Zealand Stores or worldwide. Amex customers are charged a currency conversion commission of 2.5 percent for any withdrawals and advances from third parties. Each card also requires a different gross annual income for a customer to be eligible, the range of income is between 50,000 to 100,000 dollars.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Amex

The advantages of using the Amex casino payment system are numerous and make it stand out from all other modes of payment. Amex allows players who have large bankrolls to deposit and withdraw money easily from their casino accounts because it has the largest limits in the credit card industry. Deposits using these cards are instant and the withdrawals take between three to five days depending on the country. This card also attracts membership reward points that do not expire; these points come in two forms; the point’s only basis and the cash and points basis. The points can be collected for a range of rewards ranging from apple products to food and fashion accessories. Amex is also known for its excellent customer service that is available to customers 24 hours a day, every day of the week in several languages.

The major disadvantages of the Amex mode of payment include the fact that it attracts slightly higher charges than all other forms of online payment systems. There are also very few casinos where a player can make an online casino amex deposit, this is because of the stringent American casino banking laws. This does not mean however that you will not enjoy your favourite online casino games if you have an Amex card, your options may be limited but this is an advantage because of the security the card guarantees. American express cards have some of the best protection and security. They have a 128 bit SSL encryption that ensures the safety of your personal and financial data. This level of encryption protects your transactions whether they are over the counter or on your smartphone or tablet.

  • Amex has large withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Deposits are instant and withdrawals take three to five days
  • Excellent security features that protect personal and financial data
  • Amex payment option available in few online casinos

The American Express Payment Review

If you are looking for a casino payment method that will reward you and give you access to VIP areas of your online casino then look no further than the Amex casino payment. American Express cards reward their clients with redeemable points on every transaction they make. Security is a very key component when it comes to online casino gaming and the protection of your financial information should always be your first priority. The Amex mode of casino payment can and will help you protect your sensitive data. American Express has accumulated over 160 years in the financial payments realm and invests in the most advanced security features for its debit, credit and mobile applications.

Amex FAQ’s

Can I use Amex cards to pay at online casinos?

Yes, Amex cards can be used as a payment method at online casinos. They are perfect for such transactions because of their security features. The cards contain a 128 bit encryption security feature that ensures your personal data and financial information is always protected. Amex cards do not attract any deposit fees at online casinos.

What are the requirements for getting an Amex card?

The requirements for getting Amex cards are not very complicated. The process takes less than ten minutes to complete and you will receive an answer from the service provider within five to ten days. You must be above 18 years, have no history of defaulting on a debt, be a permanent resident of the country you are applying from and if self employed you should have been in business for more than one and a half years.

How do you use an Amex card at the casino?

To use your Amex card at an online casino you will need to identify a casino that accepts the American Express range of cards. The next step is registering with the online casino and choosing Amex as your preferred payment option. You will be required to fill in certain details relating to your card. Once this information has been approved you can go ahead and deposit the amount you need to spend at the online casino. Deposits are reflected almost immediately once you submit.

What are the advantages of using an Amex card at the casino?

There are numerous advantages that are related to using the Amex card as a form of online payment. Amex is accepted all over the world by many businesses and you can get access to your account through your mobile device or your personal computer. You are also assured of online security protection against fraud and 24/7 access to a global customer care service.

What kinds of bonuses are available when you use the Amex card?

American Express cards are highly favoured by online casino players because of their membership rewards and welcome bonuses. Each of their cards comes loaded with different denominations of welcome bonus points that customers can start using immediately. They also have membership rewards where clients are awarded points on every transaction which they can redeem at a later date for a wide range of products.

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