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Citadel Casino Bank Guide

You might be puzzled by the fast development of technology today – with good reason, of course. It does seem like every day there is someone trying to introduce you to something to make your life better. Most times, you could actually do without the idea being suggested, but fortunately for you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Introducing Citadel Bank, as rapid and secure as a rocket when it comes to bill payment, with far less down-force. It inherits its name from the most secure part of any settlement, so it obviously intends to keep you living large and your money safe!

  • Quick processing and finalization of payments.
  • No fees charged for the use of the service.
  • No need to register to start using the service.

Using Citadel for Online Casinos

Citadel Commerce Corporation is the company’s formal name. The service is a sub-division of a company known as Paramount Commerce, which is based in Canada. The service hosts a plethora of banks, amounting to over two hundred, which are spread out over thirty-three countries worldwide. Its services, therefore, can follow you anywhere you go, be it Australia, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom or even Estonia. This availability makes it an appealing choice of payment method by many casino gamers worldwide. The almost instant speed of any payment cannot go without mention, as it keeps users confident in the services provided by Citadel.

Citadel Instant Banking was the name of the service when it was launched back in the year 2000 and they have since served users for over fifteen years. Despite its main headquarters in Vancouver Canada, the service has bases in Malta, the UK and the USA. It is registered in the UK as a credible Payment Institute and holds membership in the UK’s Electronic Money Association. The promise of a safe and speedy ability to deposit into your online casino account is what keeps casinos n business with Citadel. Names such as BGO, Betsafe, Betway, Slotjoint, Wintingo and several NetEnt casinos are firm business partners. Casinos such as Parasino offer 100% bonus on amounts deposited via this service for the first time., for values up to 300 Euros (C$434.37). Along with this, they also offer 50 free spins, making this payment option all the more appealing.

Opening a Citadel account

In order to uphold its high banking-standard safety levels, the service does not require you to submit any of your bank account details. It merely acts as a channel through which your payments or deposits reach the casino you are using. All you need to do to make your deposit via this fast and easy payment method is to check the casino’s payment methods page and select Citadel in the ‘instant banking’ sub-menu. When the drop-down menu appears, you choose your bank from the list and log in. You then choose which of your accounts you would like to make the deposit from and approve the payment. The deposit will be visible on your balance in the casino in just a matter of moments. It is worth mentioning that Citadel has 3 options to choose from to make a payment. 1. Through a downloadable ‘payment assistant” app that guides the customer through the payment procedure. 2. Using one of the service’s web pages, that in conjunction with the customer’s internet service account, produces an automated payment procedure. 3. Via the ‘Rapid’ system that gives the customer a reference number and allows a transfer to be made non-automatically, using the online banking solution of choice.

Using Citadel in Canada

Citadel, over its years of operation, has become a payment method of choice for many. With this in mind, many online casinos have introduced this Bank to keep their esteemed customers happy. There is now a better scope for the use of this service and it is very easy to use. You should be able to use Citadel if you are in possession of an online banking account and if the online casino is congruent. You simply need to choose “instant banking” while you are making your deposit. A list of Canadian banks will then allow you to log onto your online banking account and make your deposit. Alternatively, you may simply download the app and make your deposit using that. Companies like Digimedia feature the service and proudly display it in their Royal Vegas casino, which is their biggest subsidiary and has a firm fan base in Canada.

Fees and Limits

With Citadel, your winning streak starts right at the point that you deposit money to your casino balance. The service does not require you to pay a cent to use it. However, your own Bank may charge you transaction fees or other fees when using this service to make or accept payments. It is therefore in your best interest to confirm any charges with them before proceeding with your transaction. When you use Citadel for the first time, you are given a limit of the amount of money that you can deposit in your casino balance. The amount, however, will be dependent on the particular casino you are using and the bank that you are with. This amount will gradually increase as you continue to make successful transfers.

Benefits and drawbacks of using Citadel

The benefits of Citadel are many, but there are a few that makes it the cream of the crop. Firstly, you do not need to be constantly moving your money around as when using e-wallets. With these, you have to pre-load your money onto one account before depositing it in your casino account. Using Citadel, your money is deposited into your account directly from your bank, saving time, energy and the transaction fees applied by some of the e-wallets. Another great benefit of this company is that it keeps your identity anonymous. You do not need to sign in anywhere except your own online banking account. It is available anywhere in the world and on any device – be it your desktop computer or your mobile phone. It also can not go without mention that the service accomplishes these feats at break-neck speed while keeping you and your money safe!

Whilst offering an overall superb service to customers, Citadel does have a couple drawbacks to its name. Unfortunately, it is not as universally accepted as other forms of payment, despite its exceptional reputation. If one of your favourite online casinos has not chosen to implement this instant banking service, you might have to use your e-wallet. It is also the case that on some of the sites where you can deposit money via Citadel, you may not be allowed to do your withdrawals using the same service. Before you deposit your money, therefore, it is important to ensure that the casino you are about to use, allows withdrawals using this service. The other factor to bear in mind is that your first deposit will be regulated and only increase over time, with each successful transfer.

  • You keep your anonymity as there is no need to register.
  • Your transfer is completed immediately, making for speedy casino play.
  • Unfortunately, it is not as widely accepted as other modes of payment.
  • Personal Banks may charge you to use their internet banking interface.

Review And Final Verdict On Citadel

Bearing this information in mind, there is little question as to why Citadel has been in business for over 15 years and will remain a favourite of players in the years to come. The service offers full anonymity and rapid speeds of service delivery whilst ensuring the safety of its users, both in Canada and the world over. Citadel may not be everywhere just yet, but it is safe to assume that in the very near future they will increase their visibility in the casino world. This makes it a great choice for most players, wherever you are in the world and whatever device that you are using.

Citadel FAQ

Exactly What Is Instant Banking?

Instant banking is a method of payment done online. It is a service provided by Citadel that lets you pay merchants directly from your own bank account via their internet banking portal. It saves you from the hassle of having to go through an e-wallet or another third party to make the payments. Depositing money in your casino account, therefore, has one less phase to go through.

How Can I Pay For Something Using Instant Banking?

All you need to do is go to the casino’s deposit page and as your payment option, select Instant Banking by Citadel. Select your own Bank, log into your online banking account and approve the transaction. Your deposit will be made immediately and you will be able to review your transactions by checking your bank statement or logging into your bank account.

SOLD! Where Do I Sign Up?

Fortunately, Instant Banking with Citadel does not need you to have an account in order to make your deposits. It is not an e-wallet and the service will keep your details hidden during the speedy transactions. All you need is an active Bank account, with enough money to meet the deposit that you require.

Is There A Limit To How Much I Can Spend?

The first time you use the service to deposit money into your account, you will have a limit set. This will depend on which bank you are using or which casino you are depositing with. The limit is, however, updated after every successful transfer, will be increased over time, and is displayed to you at all times.

Am I Restricted To Any Device When Using Instant Banking?

Instant banking with Citadel aims to be as flexible and convenient as possible. It is, therefore, not restricted to any medium and can be accessed on your PC or mobile phone, as the service is web-based. Some of the Banks do not support these web-based payments and may require you to download an application (Payment Assistant PC Wizard) to complete your deposits. : Your Guide To Online Gaming! is an online casino review site, perfect for any gamer in New Zealand. Hosting all kinds of information and views on the online casino world, it should not be missed. Players can find winning stratagems, reviews and game guides for video slots and all the other casino games. In addition, there is a host of news, honest opinions and chatty blogs to keep you entertained.

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