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Mastercard Casino Bank Guide

Mastercard Worldwide is an American financial service provider with its headquarters based in Purchase, New York. Its primary business is to process payments between the banks of merchants and clients or buyers who use the brand on their credit or debit cards, It was, however, previously known as Mastercharge or Interbank before the change in 1979. Since it is one of the biggest payment methods out there, there is a myriad of online casinos that accept Mastercard. Players from Canada trust this form of payment because of its security, super fast and real time deposits and withdrawals and pristine cash out times.

  • Simple, safe and secure means of online payment
  • Instant and real time deposits and withdrawals
  • Available worldwide including players from New Zealand

Using Mastercard for Online Casinos

Generally, online casinos provide the payment methods accepted at the bottom of the screen. In most cases, if not all, Mastercard is usually one of the options. To use your Mastercard, registering to the site is a requirement and to add your card as a payment option, you will have to enter the number of the card, which is usually printed at the front of the card, the expiry date of the card and finally, the CVV number of the card, which is usually a three-digit number printed on the back of the card. Although online casinos that accept Mastercard keep your card information safe, the card number, expiry date and CVV number should be kept safe to avoid card fraud.

Making withdrawals from online casinos using Mastercard is rather easy. If Lady Fortune is on your side, and you’re lucky enough to make a killing while playing online casino games, withdrawing your winnings can be a task. By using Mastercard, making these withdrawals couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is navigate to the online casino’s withdrawal page and make the withdrawal. Transfer times in regard to Mastercard casinos is rather quick. Although it takes a couple of minutes to process deposits from the card, withdrawals may take a longer time. The process is prompt, however, it beats most of the other payment methods to the punch.

Getting a Prepaid Mastercard Card

Prepaid cards are cards that can be reloaded, meaning that once you’ve spent the money that’s on the card, you can add more. Prepaid cards are usually anonymous unlike credit or debit cards and can help reduce the risk of credit or debit card fraud. Acquiring a prepaid Mastercard is a rather easy task. A prepaid card can be purchased and loaded online or at any physical shop that offers this service. You have to be wise when choosing a provider for your prepaid card especially due to ease of deposits, withdrawals and usage. Most of the prepaid card providers allow deposits through credit cards, MoneyGram, Western Union and even via direct deposit. Mastercard prepaid cards are widely accepted especially in mastercard casinos New Zealand. More good news is that most online casinos worldwide offer prepaid cards on sale thus making it easier for their customers to get one and use.

Using Mastercard in Canada

Most of the American credit cards are largely accepted in Canada, this includes Mastercard. This eliminates the worry of finding a locale that accepts your card. Most companies, however, require you to send a notice prior to using the card anywhere outside the country. Failure to this gives your account a freezing risk if the company notices any unusual charges. This would temporarily hinder your ability to make a purchase using the card. The great thing about using a Mastercard in Canada is that you are eligible for discounts provided by various merchants including master casino discounts in any off the mastercard casinos.

Fees and Limits

The fees and limits that are associated with Mastercard, mostly depend on the merchant and the card provider. Online casinos that accept Mastercard tend to lower the fees they charge with the use of the card. An initial card fee could top at $10 and an additional fee of $5 can be added. Prepaid cards charge a reload fee of $2 and ATM withdrawals top at $3.50. Making international purchases could incur a foreign exchange fee that is usually negligible. Acquiring and reloading most Mastercard cards is usually free unless otherwise stated by the provider. The card limits also mostly depend on the providers or banks. Most banks, if not all, have a daily spending or withdrawal limit on cards but in most cases, an agreement could be made to exceed the limits that have been set on the card.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Mastercard

The use of Mastercard on online casinos that accept Mastercard comes with its benefits and drawbacks as well. One advantage is that it is one of the safest and secure methods of making online payments and you can be assured that your information is kept safe when using Mastercard. It also allows you to take advantage of various perks that come along with the card including discounts. The perks vary, however, depending on the provider or the merchant. High rollers have something to smile about with the use of this form of payment. It allows the deposit of large amounts of money as you enjoy online casino games. What’s more, is the fact that it is one of the most widely accepted forms of payment the world over. So no matter what your preferred online casino is, the odds are, they accept the use of this payment.

Every mountain has its leeward side, however, and when it comes to this form of payment, charges may apply depending on the type of provider you may choose to use. Some cards may have hidden costs that the providers do not tell you about and you may end up paying even more than you anticipated to pay. When it comes to withdrawals, you should be aware that not all casinos allow withdrawals with the use of Mastercard. An alternative is advised when it comes to withdrawing your winnings from online casinos. Another drawback is that not all online casinos accept the use of Mastercard for online payments. Customers and players should look out for a casino Mastercard accepted banner to confirm whether this form of payment is accepted in that particular online casino or not.

  • A simple, safe and secure payment method
  • One of the most widely accepted forms of payment
  • May not allow for withdrawals in some online
  • May have hidden costs that players may not know about

Review of Mastercard as a Form of Payment

Generally, the simplicity of use of Mastercard as a form of payment is conducive. The security of using Mastercard is top notch and you can be assured the safety of your private information. Users who may have a problem in the control of their bankroll have the advantage of the prepaid and debit cards since they can only use the money that is either loaded in the prepaid card or the money that is in their bank account avoiding the accumulation of loans or credit especially in the use of credit cards. In a nutshell, the efficiency of this form of payment really depends on how you use it.

Mastercard FAQ

How can I acquire a Mastercard?

Acquiring a Mastercard depends on the path you may choose to get this card. Whether it’s a prepaid card, a debit card or a credit card, there are various ways to acquire them. Reloadable prepaid cards can be purchased anywhere, from online stores to physical shops. Debit and credit cards can be acquired from banks and credit card providers.

What happens if I lose my card?

The best part about using this form of payment is that if you, unfortunately, happen to be the victim of card theft, Mastercard offers a 24-hour toll-free help line where you can cancel any pending or future transactions of the stolen card. Your local banks also offer this cancellation service, so immediately you lose your card, make a call to cancel the card, rendering it useless.

Who accepts Mastercard?

Yes. Mastercard is a multinational company that runs its operations world wide. A fee may be charged, however, for the conversion of different currencies around the world according to the currency that the merchant uses. The conversion fee mainly depends on the foreign exchange market. This fee, in most cases, is negligible.

What benefits can I expect from Mastercard?

Mastercard provides a myriad of bonus features and benefits to its users, especially their loyal customers. These benefits, however, depend on the specific card you use and the partnership between Mastercard and the merchant. To learn more about these features and benefits, please visit the about us page on the Mastercard site.

Are there transaction limits for Mastercard transactions?

Yes, there are set daily limits for Mastercard transactions mainly due to security reasons. These limits depend on the bank or provider of your card. These limits can, however, be exceeded on request or on an agreement with your bank or card provider. To find out more about these limits, you can contact Mastercard directly or your bank or card provider.

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