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Prepaid Cards Casino Bank Guide

It’s no secret that the popularity of prepaid cards is skyrocketing, and more casinos are taking a note of this trend and integrating this type of payment method into their online systems. After all, the more payment alternatives casinos provide their customers, the more players they are likely to bring to their sites – meaning, more income for them. However, these cards not only benefit prepaid credit card casinos, but they also make it easier for you to simplify your deposit method when it comes to online gaming. What’s more, some alternatives like wire transfers eliminate North American players, since most North American banks block transactions to online gaming. Overall, using a card for your prepaid card casino experience offers you several benefits, including:

  • Offers you added security regarding transaction and personal information.
  • A fast method to deposit funds to your gaming account.
  • Low fees compared to other deposit methods.

Using Prepaid Cards For Online Casinos

Think of prepaid cards as the white knights that have to save the avid online gamer from legal and financials restrictions. You can purchase a card using cash and then use it for online purchases, including use in prepaid credit card casinos. Apart from its simplicity to use, a card is used in funding your online account without the need of sharing your personal financial data with online casinos. This reduces the amount of exposure you have to Internet hackers looking to steal personal identification information. Moreover, many online casinos go the step further to offer customers using prepaid cards with free bonus points and rewards.

Prepaid cards are also excellent payment options for the gamers who like working on a budget when it comes to their online entertainment. Once you load what you can afford onto a card, you can then be assured that you will only play until the limit you set is reached. This will help tame that overexcited gamer from spending more than he or she can truly afford at any prepaid credit card casinos. All types of financial institutions are now jumping on the prepaid card bandwagon, and the number of casinos that accept the same cards is increasing on a daily basis. Since the cards are fast replacing debit and credit cards, you can trust only a few companies. For example, prepaid cards from MasterCard and Visa are the best choice if you are ever in doubt about a company’s reputation. Both companies are industry leaders, making them reliable when dealing with plastic money. Once you select your prepaid option, the next step is setting up an account.

Opening A Prepaid Cards Account

Prepaid cards look and spend like credit cards, but there is no credit behind them. This means that you are using your money at an online casino, not the banks. Unlike traditional bank cards, you do not need to operate a bank account to use a prepaid card. Just load money onto the card and use the balance for your gaming experience at any casino. Once the balance on your card dips, you need to reload more money. You can find prepaid cards in various places, from superstores to banks, or you can even order one online. The greatest advantage is that the cards do not hold your personal data or link back your bank or credit cards accounts. However, when choosing a card, make sure that it is accepted internationally. Some cards allow you to manage your account online or through a mobile app to check on balances, transaction history and receive text alerts. If you need more money on your card, you can transfer money from your financial institution or bank account, have employer deposit money onto the card, reload it at a retail store using cash or use a reload card.

Using Prepaid Cards In Canada

Once you have loaded your card with funds, it is time to find prepaid credit card casinos in Canada that accept prepaid cards. Any casino in Canada that accepts MasterCard, Visa Credit or Visa Debit as a form of payment method will also accept prepaid MasterCard or Visa cards; you should not have trouble finding a casino to play at online. However, ensure that the gaming platform offers you a safe, secure and legitimate environment to indulge in your favourite online games. When opening an account, you will be prompted whether you want to start playing with real cash, and select your card as your preferred deposit method and directly input the digits on the card to get started. The best prepaid credit card casinos also reward you with additional funds to play with, simply for registering with a prepaid card.

Fees And Limits

Ok, prepaid cards sound like a great bargain for any gambler out there; however, there are a few things on limits and fees you should know about. You can get a prepaid card as part of an award, loyalty or promotional program, but such cards have an expiry date attached to them, you cannot reload them, and you cannot make cash withdrawals from them. Depending on your card, you may need to pay fees for making purchases, checking balance, withdrawal from an ATM and replacing the card. Other fees you should watch out for include customising the card, reloading money onto the card, transferring funds to a new card and maintaining your card if it remains unused for a given period. Some prepaid cards charge a purchase or activation fee. You pay this fee only once, it is not refundable and may vary depending on the value of the card. For example, if you purchase a 50 AUD prepaid card with an activation fee of 4.95 AUD, the actual amount of money to spend on the card is 45.05 AUD to spend at a prepaid card online casino.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are ideal for those who are new to the world of online gaming and are looking for a prepaid payment method to get a handle on the depositing rules. Many new players are susceptible to making mistakes and by opting for the prepaid card; they can at least minimise the risks of making huge financial errors they cannot afford. This prepaid method is also a great way for the individuals with zero to minimal access to credit or debit cards due to bad credit history or any other reasons. All you need to do is load your card or voucher with an amount of cash you are comfortable playing with, without the hassles of a background check. If you are not willing to provide an online casino with your financial or personal details, prepaid cards are the best method to avoid this. You do not need to enter your details or link to your bank account, meaning that you remain anonymous and safe.

So, you have seen the advantages that prepaid cards can offer you; however, you have to weight them against the disadvantages. The major drawback to using these cards is that you will be required to pay an upfront fee to get a card and the amount varies depending on the company offering you the card. Other fees associated with the cards include transaction costs, declined transaction fees, ATM charges for withdrawing and a monthly administration fee. However, not all cards are expensive; some have some relatively lower taxes. Another disadvantage is that these cards are not a form of credit, so you cannot rebuild or repair your credit history using them. Remember that while prepaid cards bear logos of a credit card company, they are, essentially, not credit cards. You are using your deposited money to play at online casinos, and not borrowing and repaying it later.

  • Are a great alternative for new players to learn the ropes in online gaming.
  • Players with bad credit history can easily acquire prepaid cards.
  • Fees associated with prepaid cards can sometimes be high, depending on the issuer.
  • Prepaid cards cannot be used to repair one’s credit history.

A Roundup Review Of Prepaid Cards

When it comes to depositing to online casinos, prepaid cards are fast replacing the traditional debit and credit cards. Tons of benefits using the prepaid card brings you, including financial anonymity, special bonuses at online casinos and virtually unlimited spending limits. However, some online gamers have complained that they receive a “You’re going over your limit on the card,” error. This is a typical scenario, especially if you do not take into account the fees that went into purchasing the card. For example, buying a 100 AUD prepaid card may attract an activation fee of 15 AUD or even lower at 6.95 AUD, all depending on your card issuer. The fee is taken out of your card’s balance, which is why spending the entire 100 AUD on your card will not work. Overall, using prepaid cards at online casinos ensures that you can still enjoy your favorite games online, even when you are gaming from certain jurisdictions – especially Canada – that make the use of debit or credit cards for gambling difficult.

Prepaid Cards FAQ

How do prepaid cards work?

If you have never used a prepaid card before, once you join an online gambling site that accepts prepaid cards, you have to purchase the card and use it by entering the details on the front of the card, and you are ready to make your deposit. The process is straightforward, and you can buy the cards online or at a local store.

Can you use prepaid cards for gambling?

Prepared cards are one of the best ways to deposit money into your online gambling account. The cards are accepted at most casinos in Canada and those that are geared towards Canadian players. With just one card, you can play at numerous casinos. In fact, there have been no reports of Canadians having issues with this payment mode. As long as a casino accepts Visa or MasterCard as a payment method, you will have to trouble using your prepaid card.

How fast are deposit and withdrawal transactions?

The initial deposit usually happens or within just a few minutes after entering the card information at most online casinos. Just remember that you cannot exceed the amount on your prepaid card. You can join a prepaid credit card online casino in minutes as long as you take the time to acquire one of the cards. Then you are well on your way to getting a welcome bonus. Regarding withdrawals, this largely depends on the casino you are playing at, and your prepaid card cannot be credited with funds. Whichever withdrawal method you choose, the request usually takes about 3 to 5 days.

Is it safe to use prepaid cards?

Yes, you can play at prepaid cards online casinos safely without having to worry about using up any additional cash. All the money you put aside for gambling is stored on your card; everything else is entirely different. A prepaid card is one of the best methods of separating your global finances from your gambling activities and a way of limiting the money you spend at a casino. Using the card saves you from experiencing some real money issues.

Are there charges for using the card online?

Yes, in most cases. It is common for online casinos to charge a nominal transaction fee for depositing funds. However, there are times the amount may be waived as long as you hit a certain threshold. It is advisable that you check on the casino terms and conditions for more details on possible transaction changes as they differ from one site to another. Also, plan for the fees as you load up the card so that you have just enough money to gamble with.

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