Caribbean Stud Poker

This game is an amazing addition to online casino lovers. Introduced way back in the early 1980’s in the city of Aruba, the earlier versions of this game were only played in live casino tables. Now thanks to technology, this game is now available from the comfort of your mobile devices. This video game strategy and rules range across variants that are quite easy, hence leaving no reason as to why you should not place your ante on its exquisitely designed table online. With extremely handsome payouts, this slots game is more or less similar to other online 5 studs pokers, except that a player is set against the casino as opposed to playing against other players! In today’s day and age, many casinos whether brick and mortar or online casinos out there are offering a progressive jackpot on this awesome online slots game.

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How To Play Caribbean Stud Poker

his slots game is basically a table based casino game whose gameplay rules are quite easy to follow and record luckier wins. Its bets are easily determined to entice a player to play more hands and have fun or make exciting wins in case one is playing for real money. Unlike other popular poker games, in the Caribbean poker stud a player is set to play against the casino hence bluffing should be least expected. A player kick starts the game by pressing the deal button on the online poker table. Upon activating the game mode the player should place his ante on a marked spot on this table. A progressive jackpot option is also availed to a player when he hits a royal flush!

Once the Caribbean Stud slot game has been initiated a player and the online casino dealer are dealt 5 cards which must be face down. The casino’s software dealer turns over one of the cards and pushes the rest for the player to have a look at them and see the values and symbols. The player may choose to raise or fold his cards on basis of casino hand or his hand. According to the rules of this slots game, players will lose the amount put on the ante if they fold, however, if they raise their hands they will put second Caribbean Stud Poker bets twice as high as those of initial antes.

After you have folded or raised your card Caribbean Stud Poker online casino dealer cards shall be flipped over on the table for a player to see them. If your hand is by lucky chance ranking higher than the casino’s hand a player definitely wins and everything in the pot is reserved for him. In case the casino’s hand is ranked higher than yours as a player one will lose his bet stake. Where a player’s and casino’s hand have a tie neither of them wins, but it will occasion a push situation where a player’s bet are returned to him.

  • A player will place his ante on the marked spot and press the deal button
  • The player is dealt with five cards
  • A player can play or fold( forfeit his ante)
  • Player’s higher ranking hand relative to casino’s hand will result into a win.

This game does not have integral aspects of conventional poker, similar to the capacity to draw and enhance one’s hand, and feigning to name two. However, the diversion maintains a similar poker hand pecking order, alongside the Ante and Raise wager structure, making it a better than average version of poker to the table game format.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

This game like many other poker games comes with rules that are easily understood and which enable the player to easily navigate through the features of the game and manage incredible wins. These video game rules are as follows; a player is only allowed one hand per game in this casino game. This means that a player is not supposed to hold or wager on different hands. In the case of an incorrect number of cards with respect to a particular player, it will result in a dead hand for that player only. If the player folds his cards he shall forfeit both the ante bet and the progressive side bet in case he placed it. If he chooses to raise he must place a bet that is double of the initial ante.

Caribbean Stud Poker Strategies

This game strategy will give you some important tips on how a player can easily reduce the casino’s edge and eventually get that coveted lucky win. The very basic strategy of this online slot game is considered optimal in terms of reducing casino’s edge. Applying a proper optimal strategy to this game is key to minimizing losses over the long haul.  There are many strategies that will guarantee you a win, like folding small pairs and A-K hands. This means that you are more likely to win, only when you play a hand, although it is still not an optimal strategy, as there is value in playing small pairs. It suggests that a player should always fold anything less than A-K. This video slot tip means that you should not fold any pair or high ranking hands. According to this strategy and you a chance to reduce a casino’s edge significantly to 2.3 %. However, for such an A-K strategy to operate a number of conditionalities must be upheld.

In case the online casino displays an Ace or King as its face-up cards a player should raise an A-K-J and A-K-Q hand for this will have a blocking effect on the casino’s pair. A player should also raise an A-K if the on the online video game casino table there are face-up cards of a deuce through queen and himself has similar cards. If casino’s face up cards are deuce to five (2-5) a player should raise A-K-J and A-K-Q because this way he will be more likely to have the best A-K combination. With such simple strategies, any casino enthusiast should give a try on this poker.

  • A player should not fold any high ranking pair
  • Where a players cards 2 to queen are similar to casino’s, he should raise A-K
  • If casino’s face up cards are deuce to five raise A-K-J and A-K-Q

Standard poker hand ranking system Table

Royal FlushBroadway straight (A K Q J 10) in same suit
Straight FlushFive consecutive cards (Q J 10 9 8) in same suit
Four of a KindFour of same card (Q Q Q Q A)
Full HouseThree of a kind + one pair (Q Q Q A A)
FlushFive cards in same suit (8h 10h Qh Kh Ah)
StraightFive consecutive cards (Q J 10 9 8)
Three of a KindThree of same card (Q Q Q 9 8)
Two PairTwo pairs of same card (Q Q A A 8)
One PairOne pair of the same card (Q Q 10 9 8)
High CardNo pair, highest card is rank of hand (A K 10 9 8)

How Payoffs Are Made on Ante (always even money). See the following table for payouts on Bet Wagers:

Although most casinos across the world have different pay tables, will use the American pay table used to raise bets here. Take note that most American casinos whether traditional brick and mortar or online, will use the same pay scale across the board.

Royal Flush100 to 1
Straight Flush50 to 1
Full House7 to 1
Pair of 10s or BetterEven money

For bonus progressive Jackpot, bets Royal Flush, Straight Flush and Full House each pay 100%, 10% and £7.40. A progressive jackpot is one which is connected to other slot games of its type and allows you to place side bets.

From the table, you can see clearly that the probability of hitting a Straight Flush is far much less than 1%.

Different Types of Caribbean Stud Poker

This video slot game in online or land-based platforms comes with a number of variations. However, the existence of such variants should not worry any online player for they come with slight deviations from the standard rules applicable to the game. Such variations include; the Caribbean draw poker and the Caribbean hold’em poker. With the Caribbean draw, a player can replace up to 2 of the starting 5 cards in the hope that he may get a better hand. The payouts increases as the hand get stronger. For a player to get any return on his bet he must get a pair of an eight or higher. In the case of the Caribbean hold’em poker, it is almost similar to Texas poker, but with no option of bluffing. Both the player and the casino have 2 cards and five community cards which are dealt face up. A player chooses 5 cards from a combination of 2 dealt cards and the five community cards leaving the rest 2 to be discarded.

Tips And Tricks For Caribbean Stud Poker Beginners

This online slots game is an easy game in online or land-based casinos. Any prospective player should always familiarise himself with the simple rules that guide the gameplay. The strategies that can help one to reduce the casino’s edge are easily available on the reviews of this game that are easily available in live casinos or online. With few variations that are similar in terms of rules, a player is afforded a variety to choose from. As such, beginners of this game online or otherwise have an opportunity to try their luck either for fun or real money on this amazing poker table.

Caribbean Stud Poker – Glossary Terms

  • A-K strategy – a strategy that suggests that you should not fold any pair or high ranking hands
  • Blocker effect – a player raises an A-K if he has cards of deuce to queen and same cards are held by the casino
  • No bluffing – a player should not show off in terms of confidence in his cards with an aim of misleading someone
  • Caribbean draw – a version of this game where a player can replace utmost 2 of the starting 5 cards in the hope that he may get a better hand
  • Dead hand – a player’s hand that has an incorrect number of cards
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