Online Pokies, also known as online slots, are the New Zealand Casino fans bread and butter when it comes to online casino gameplay. These little babies are super easy to understand, fun to play and come in all manner of style and design. Due to this, it is no surprise that online pokies New Zealand are by far the most popular games and are the largest in number. With all this considered, online pokies NZ should be the first port of call when you are beginning playing online.

Best Casinos for Pokie Lovers


If you are new to the world of online pokies NZ but are keen to learn more than you have come to the right place. On this page, we have dived deep into the concept of pokies online so you know what online pokies for NZ players are available, the best places to find online pokies in New Zealand, and all other aspects that relate to the concept of online pokies. Our quintessential guide will have you fully educated on online pokies so you can start playing them today.

Pokies, Video Slots and Classic Slots

Even those who are not hugely familiar with the concept of pokies or even casinos will likely have some idea about what pokies are. They have been around for decades so you will likely have seen a pokie or slot machine in your local bar, sports club or even, food takeaway establishment. These real-world pokie machines are somewhat a permeant fixture in day to day life and so you will likely have seen one or two in your time.

The evolution of pokies though is one that is very interesting – particularly when they transitioned online. This is because they have now evolved from simple little pay and play games that test your luck to a whole genre of gameplay in their own right.  Due to this, when we speak about pokies, we are no longer speaking about these real slots in the physical world, but instead, virtual slots that can be found now at online casinos. There are two main types, classic slots and video slots.

pokies classic slot

Classic Slots

Classic slots, or Fruit Machines, are by far the easiest to understand. These are famous for fruit symbols and classic Lucky 7’s or Bell symbols. They offer a very simple gameplay and require the player to try and align these symbols in a way that will see them win. These are defined by having three “reels” (the element on the slot that spins) specifically though.

If you can get the symbols in the middle of reels, known as the payline you will win on these type of pokies NZ.  However, this is essentially the be-all and end-all of such pokies. There may also be some minor other features such as a “nudge” button that will help you with this too. However, other than this, a classic slot machine, online or offline, will offer a limit gameplay that is super easy to understand.

pokies video slot

Video Slots

Video slots can cover loads more types of online pokie machines and will make up the lion’s share of the slots you find online and new one are being added to the wide array on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. Essentially, they are defined as practically any slot that has over 3 reels and more than just one payline. However, a video slots capability stretches much further than what you might find on a classic slot machine.

These capabilities may include special in-play features, in-game rewards, and even full-blown mini-games to partake and win funds via. They can turn the whole concept of a real-world pokie machine on its head as they provide a much more exhilarating gameplay then waiting for three symbols to land in the middle. While this remains the overarching concept, they require much more skill and by mastering these extra features, you will be rewarded much more. Ultimately, if you are looking for a more fun and exciting online pokies NZ then look no further than video slots.  

Reviews of the Best Slots and Pokie Games

As we know that pokies games are by far the most popular and diverse type of casino games, we have spent a large amount of time reviewing casino slot games. In our pokies reviews, we will give you a rundown of the newest and most state-of-the-art slot games, as well as all you need to know about the most popular slot machine games of all time.

This means that whether you are hoping to enjoy some of the newest pokies game or just hoping to learn more about some popular slot games that you see at many casinos, then our reviews are the place to look.  Go check out our review of the best online slots and pokies games and see which ones are our favourites.

Step by Step: How to Play Pokies for Real Money

Now you know what pokies are, it is now time to get out there, find some real money slots and playing pokies for real money. This is a fairly straightforward procedure but we have some useful information about getting off the ground and enjoying online pokies for real money NZ.

Choose a casino

The first step is, of course, finding yourself a real money casino. This is a significant task unto itself and it takes both time and research to ensure that you are at the real money casino that is best for you. Of course, one of the most important things when it comes to playing real money slots NZ at casinos is the need for a wide selection of real online pokies. This can be easily deciphered by logging onto their website and checking out what they offer in terms of real money pokies within their games section. However, you can also read our review dedicated to the casino in question as this will always cover their selections of games.

Choose a slot

Now you have found the casino that is right for you, it is time to elect the slot game for you. As we have touched upon above, our slot reviews can help you save time in this step as it will divulge to you what is important to know about loads of real casino slots. However, ultimately, what are the best online pokies real money games comes down to you as a player and is a matter of preference.

It is a process of trial and error. However, don’t forget that there are hundreds of real money slots out there each with their unique elements, so it doesn’t make sense to just religiously play one. Instead, play and try a few real money slot machines in order to make the most of what is on offer.

Choose your bet amount, coin value

Now you have chosen the slot, how much do you want to bet? This is up to your budget and how much you are willing to invest in real money slots NZ. We would definitely recommend starting low if you haven’t played slot games before, and also if this is a slot game you haven’t played before because the features can be unique and you want to get used to them. Many games offer a demo version to help you adjust too.

Whatever the situation is for you, what is important to know about the bet amount and coin value is that some will be based on per spin and others will be based on per line. The difference is that if you are betting per spin then the money you bet will be one set sum, but if you bet per line then the bet amount will be reflective of all lines in play. Therefore, if you bet $10 per line and there is 25 lines, then you could be $250 down after just one spin. Furthermore, different games have different minimum and maximum amounts, some of which can be in the thousands, so make sure you are fully aware of both the games limits and your own financial owns.

Spin / Autospin

On all real money slots machines, you can either click the spin button every time you want to spin or use an auto spin feature which means you will continuously spin until which time you run out of funds, or you tell the game to stop.  Neither is right or wrong, but the auto spin will be more convenient but spinning each time is more economical.

If you are using a low amount of funds and want to spread it out then using the Autospin feature is not going to be ideal for you and you should instead play by clicking spin each time, tedious as it might be. Autospin is best for more high-level players who have a larger amount of money and who may be busy playing several games at once. The issue is with an Autospin is that if you leave it too long, inevitably your money will hit zero so don’t leave it spinning too long and know when to cash out.

Check the payout-rules

When it comes to real money slots NZ, they will have their own payout rules. There are two elements that relate to this. First is the Return to Player (RTP), which will say how much a casino will pay back to a player who invests into it and the industry average is around 96%. However, this is only relevant in terms of the Volatility, sometimes called “Variance.”  Volatility will determine the timings that the RTP will be given out.

If a pokie is high volatility, it means it will pay out lot of little amounts at short intervals, while a low volatility slot will seldom payout but when it does, big wins are coming your way. Again, this is a matter of preference but most players like a bit of middle ground. Don’t forget to also consider the max wins available on a pokie so you know what payouts are feasible. Understand the payout rules of a pokie will is essential to determining the quality of the real casino pokies you are playing.

Types of Online Pokies NZ

As we have touched on, online slots can be incredibly varied, but what how do they differ?

Themes and Ideas

The first difference is their theme and ideas. These can literally be anything so if you name it, there is a pokie for it. Some games opt for pop culture references from TV, Movies or Music, while others go complete unique. There are also a large number of recurring themes, such as Egypt or Gods, that are common concepts too. Ultimately, though, there is a slot for everything and everyone.

Bonus Features and Functions – Pokies with bonus games

Videoslots will often provide users bonus features or functions which allow you to gain free gameplay, extra money, or a different way to experience the slot game, other than lining up symbols. These are often theme-related and can be very imaginative or very basic depending on the slot and we can’t define them all here. However, some popular recurring ones are:

symbol wild

These replace every other symbol on the reels but may have extra powers too. For example, expanding wilds may cover a whole section of the reels and in doing so provide you more wins. 

symbol scatter

Scatter symbols are special symbols that trigger some element of bonus gameplay. They may trigger the bonus game to begin, or they might give you rewards to use, such as free spins just give reward you with big payouts.

symbol free spins

Free Spins
Free Spins are spins that either the casino or the game itself grant you. The concept is simple, they give you the chance to play without spending your own money for achieving something.

symbol multiplicator

A multiplicator symbol simply multiplies your winnings of the spin by the amount the multiplicator says. If you normally would have won $20, a x5 multiplicator makes it $100.

symbol bonus

Bonus Game symbols takes you into a special game mode of the specific slot. This is probably the most exciting symbols to match up since it takes the pokie to a whole other mode.

Big Jackpot Slots

Fans of big wins, should try out jackpot slots. These types of slots offer jackpots that grow and grow as more players play theme. At some point, a player will trigger them and that player could win millions. The Mega Fortune slot game is the best example of this and holds the world record for biggest ever jackpot payout to the tune of €17,861,800 (around $24 million). However, the Mega Moolah series are also deserving of a mention.

Online Pokies NZ with high RTP (Return to Player)

As we have mentioned above, RTP is the Return to Player percentage which when combined with the Volatility will offer you payouts at a rate that is hardwired into the slot game. Finding the right match between the two will inform you of how often and how much prizes on a pokie will be won.

Online Pokies New Zealand – Conclusion

Now you know all there is to know about the concept of online pokies NZ, it is now up to you to explore our site, learn more about specific pokies and then find the perfect casino in New Zealand to play them at.  Good luck and happy spinning!

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