Birds On A Wire

Play Birds On A Wire For Some Avian Mischievousness

Birds On A Wire Slot is a quirky, unique game with an original theme to match. Thunderkick did an excellent job with the graphics as well as the concept of the game to make it both enjoyable and very easy to play. The premise of the game is that for each round, 15 birds fly in and settle on three electric wires. If any of the birds form a winning combination, they are zapped off the screen, and the birds above them drop to replace them. New birds fly in to occupy the space left by the dropping birds. If none of the 15 birds forms a winning combination, all 15 of them fly off and 15 new ones replace them. As many slots online, this game also has all the features players expect from slot games including free spins and a jackpot.

Intriguing Gameplay And Fun Await You

Birds on a Wire is an online slot with impressive graphics. It is a five reel, 17 payline game which gives you winnings of up to 20X your stake. The main game is very colourful, as are the birds which are the symbols of the game. When you start the game, you notice that there are no “traditional” slots but electric lines that the birds land on. The birds move at a moderate pace making it very easy for players to follow along with the gameplay. The avian symbols and graphics are well done, ensuring that players can enjoy this game on their laptop or mobile devices. Players who love playing on Android will love Birds on a wire as it plays superbly on there as well.

In Birds On A Wire, the minimum bet is 10, while the maximum bet is 100 per spin. Do keep in mind that players can select different amounts to stake between the minimum and maximum. The 17 paylines make it easy to multiply your winnings, but it is in the free spin mode that things get really interesting. For example, in the free spin mode, the multiplier from the dropping birds can go as high as 20x. In this game, there is an auto-spin feature where players can set the number of spins they would like to play and then let the birds do their thing. In this mode, you can win free spins, and the same paylines apply for all spins under this mode.

Getting To Know The Birds in Birds On A Wire

The main symbols in Birds On A Wire are, of course, the birds. The hen is the most important symbol as it can give you a win of up to 12x your bet if you get 5 of them in a row. The pink owl is second, giving you 8x wins, and then the parrot is third with 6x wins. All the other symbols are just symbols for different types of birds coloured in playful ways. The standard wild in this game is a big fat black bird that substitutes for all symbols except the bonus symbol.

The Dropping Symbols are the central theme in this Thunderkick Slots game as they give you the opportunity for more wins from every spin with the multiplier going up to 5x. In the free spins feature, for instance, you can land up to 34 free spins, whereas the multiplier from dropping symbols can go up to a massive 20x. Another aspect that is worth looking for in this online slots game is the Inwinity Spin. The Inwinity Spin becomes active during the free spins feature.

The Electrocuted birds bonus feature occurs in the free spins and the base game and is triggered everytime you make a winning combination. The birds zapped into oblivion by electric current are substituted with other birds.

Look Out For Free Spins And The Jackpot

Birds On A Wire gives you up to 34 free spins for each round you play. To trigger the mode, you have to get 3 or more bonus symbols to appear. When they do, you get ten free spins and two additional spins for every other bonus symbol that is displayed. There is also an infinity mode where, if the last spin in the free spin mode does not produce a win, the spins continue until the player gets a win.

The jackpot for this online slots game is a maximum of 1000 coins. The problem with this game’s jackpot is that it is hard to understand because there does not seem to be any pattern to getting it. Players just have to keep playing and hope that at the end of the day they will get a chance to win the 1000 coins that are up for grabs.

Birds On A Wire Slot Offers Quirky Gameplay And A High Payout

With its interesting graphics and sounds, Birds On A Wire stands out as one of the best casino games there is. It is easy to play, and the wins are enticing. In addition, there are lots of websites where you can play this game for free without using any real money. The only issue players might have with this game is the jackpot as it is not clear on how to win it. It is also quite difficult to get a win as players say they have to play lots of rounds to win.

  • Five reels and 17 paylines
  • Up to 34 free spins and a 20x multiplier
  • A 1000 coin jackpot
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