Totem Treasure

Work Your Way To The Top Of The Pole With Totem Treasure

This Native American-themed slot machine offers users the chance to play a slot game that is just to the point and not over the top with cinematics or flashiness. Totem Treasure is the only no-frills slots game that can compete with the other, more frivolous games. Each reel is filled with colourful and pleasantly designed symbols, such as campfires, teepees, dream catchers and more. While not the typical type of casino online produced by the Microgaming developers, this online slot focuses on gameplay rather than interface, on being simple rather than being ostentatious. You’re only here to earn jackpot, after all.

Earning Money Has Never Been So Simple

The goal of this game Totem Treasure, as is the goal of all the other online casino games, is to land on matching combinations of symbols on the reels in order to win money. The game is in no way a modern game. That is not to say that it is in any way inferior (quite contrary actually), but rather this online slot focuses primarily on betting and winning money, nothing more nothing less. The colour scheme and design are reminiscent of the colours and symbols that Native Americans were known to use, so there is a bit of authenticity in these slots that other games do not possess. As is typical with Microgaming slots, Totem Treasure is available for play on PC and mobile devices.

Totem Treasure game by Microgaming features three rows, five reels, and five paylines, with only the highest win being paid out per selected line. Users can play on each of the five lines to increase their chances of winning. The minimum bet for this slot game is 0.25 and the maximum bet is 5 coins per line (25 coins max per spin). Because the game does not feature any bonus or free spin features, there is a higher chance of return in this game than there is in other online slot games available. Totem Treasure has a relatively high RTP (Return to Player) at 96.2%; with nearly a 100% return, users can bet with whatever amount they feel comfortable with and still expect a decent return.

Dream Catchers, Peace Pipes, And Jackpots

The symbols are all keeping in with the theme and the colour scheme of Totem Treasure is redolent of the colours used by Native Americans throughout history. This game features dream catchers, peace pipes, teepees and campfire symbols in addition to classic playing card icons: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10. The wild symbol in Totem is a female Indian and the highest paying symbol is the golden eagle. Landing a combination of eagles at the max bet means big fortune!

Who Needs Bonus Rounds With A 12,000 Coin Jackpot?

Unlike most of the online slot games to have come out of the Microgaming development team, Totem Treasure does not include a bonus spins feature to help users earn huge jackpot; however, that should not daunt you from trying your luck with this game. Keeping with the relatively simplistic gameplay, adding in something like a bonus feature would be unnecessary and extraneous. With its high return and comparatively large jackpot, this slot game provides users with more than enough to be happy with.

Closing Thoughts On Totem Treasure Slot

If users are looking for a mobile casino game that is ultra-modern with flashing lights and excessive soundtracks and displays, then this is not the game for them. But if users prefer a game that cuts out all of the useless frills and features and simply focuses on winning money, Totem Treasure is definitely their type of game. This slot game is made for those who enjoy watching their funds increase and not being overwhelmed with extravagant and tasteless designs.

  • 5 Reels, 3 Rows, 5 Paylines
  • 12,000 Coin Jackpot
  • 96.2% RTP
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