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Play What A Hoot And Join the Party!

Every once in a while, developers of slots online decide to tickle the imagination of players, by choosing something unconventional for the theme of their creations. What a Hoot by Microgaming is precisely such a game. It is fun, original, eccentric, and even a bit wacky in the choice of subject. Just like the bunch of madcap owls that inhabit the nocturnal forest setting of this slot, it wisely teaches us a valuable lesson. Simplicity is the key to brilliance! You do not need an overcomplicated online slot, with dazzling bonuses and dozens of paylines, to have a great time and earn some money. A crazy little title just like this one, with a delicious jackpot, will be more than enough!

Have A Hoot With This Wonderful Slot

The basic premise of What a Hoot is rather ingenious, in spite of its apparent simplicity. The game features a group of forest owls having great fun in the middle of the night. The developers from Microgaming have succeeded perfectly in conveying that particular kind of fun and nutty atmosphere. Graphics are cute and colourful, with clean, precisely defined shapes, as if from some big budget cartoon. The music and sound effects, although simple and consisting entirely of few basic beats and party sounds, also complement the overall atmosphere of the game. This is one of the advantages of this little treat. It is very immersive, addictive even, but it is also undemanding. It is perfect to play when you are on the move, so it is a good thing that developers took care to optimise it for mobile devices. Betting ranges from 2.25 to 45.00 per spin.

What a Hoot comes with three rows, five reels, and just nine paylines. Some would argue that this reduces the complexity of the gameplay, but it is actually a well-calculated move on the part of the developers. It fits perfectly with the minimalistic aesthetics of the slot and makes it great for beginners, as well as veterans. When you start the game, all you need to do is to activate the appropriate number of paylines, determine the coins per line, set your bet and you are ready to go! You will notice right away that some of the expected features, like bonus games, are completely missing. Again, this is part of the plan to create simple and fluid gameplay. This slot is engaging and totally unencumbered by any excessive additions.

Comical Symbols Of What A Hoot Slot

The symbols of this slot consist of an interesting cast of delightfully designed items and characters. Low paying symbols include a choice of forest delights, including sunflower seeds, acorns, chestnuts, apples and berries. The high paying symbols feature none other than our wacky owl friends, all ready to party! There is an owl with a funny party hat and a piece of corn, one with a party trumpet, a bookish owl and a grand red owl with a delicious party cocktail. The highest paying symbol is an owl with the What a Hoot game logo. The wild symbol depicts a forest marked with the letters ‘wild’. As usual, the wild substitutes for all other symbols, except the scatter symbol. The game’s scatter symbol is a half open jar full of fireflies. When you succeed in landing three, four or five of these firefly jars, a multiplier comes into play. This is worth 2x,10x or 50x, depending on the number of scatters landed.

Jackpot – A Solitary Forest Treat

As already mentioned, there are no bonus features in the game except the jackpot. This might be a little disappointing to those who enjoy slots with the elaborate choice of additional features. However, the regular payouts and the jackpot in this game fully compensate for these omissions. All you need to do is to land five of the wild symbols on any active payline. This will mean that you will receive a whopping reward of 5000 coins!.

What A Hoot Slot – Simple And Fun Gameplay

What a Hoot slot is a great choice for all the players who want to have great fun and earn cash prizes in the process. With its vibrant graphics, likeable characters and a nice RTP of 96.94%, it already boasts a big following among slots fans. Many online casinos have recognised its potential and regularly offer cool casino bonuses for players interested in this game. Whatever you do, do not be fooled by its apparent simplicity. The first impression can be misleading because this little slot can be as challenging and engaging as its more complex cousins. As the developers have reduced all the superficial features and concentrated on the pure gameplay, this little forest gem will keep you occupied for hours. If you are a night bird yourself, you are in for a real treat!

  • Three rows, five reels, and nine paylines.
  • 5000 coin jackpot.
  • RTP of 96.94%.
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