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Slots – How to play

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Introduction To Slots

At some point in life, most people have played a slot machine, if not the land based arm pulling one, then one of the many online slots games offered today. First invented by Charles Fey in 1895, they are now the most popular game online. Players are drawn to them by the promise of fun, fast paced gameplay, variety and the potential of some huge payouts; There are thousands of different variations of online slots and many different and complex themes and features. Five reel slots make up the majority, but others offer three reels, and some have over 243 different ways to win. These thrilling games can provide a combination of bonus options, free spins, multipliers and off screen features and prizes.

How To Play Slots

Slot machines work like other casino games, with a random number generator producing a random result. The aim of the game is to get a winning combination of symbols across any payline when spinning the reels. Every reel has upwards of 25 symbols relevant to the slot’s game theme. With so many paylines available, there can be literally thousands of possible winning combinations. Understanding how to play slots is actually easy. All slots online are just a matter of placing bets, spinning the reels and hoping that a winning combination hits the reels, providing an adrenaline raising win; bonus features and of course, that elusive jackpot making an appearance, is very welcome too.

Whichever slot, players choose to play, remember that they can often be tried for free. Casino sites and slots developers provide fun-to-play versions available on their websites, displaying most of the same features so you can get to know the game before committing your money. When playing for real money, players need to set their bet sizes and the number of paylines they wish to cover. There are slots where betting starts from as little as 0.01 a line. Players then choose how many coins to bet on any particular payline, normally from 1 to 10 coins per line. Bets can be on just one payline up to the maximum available for that particular slot – typically around 25. Some slots online can have fixed paylines, which means that you have no choice. However, these games can lead to bigger cash wins and the chance of more winning combinations.

There are many different slot variations available, so players should study the game’s ‘Paytable’ before starting. The paytable is where you will find all the information on the different payouts alongside a list of the game symbols and details about bonus rounds or special features. You can also find the Return to Player (RTP) percentage there too. The RTP is important to players as it shows how much the game will pay out over time. You can find the payout rates vary between 75% and 95%, so be sure to check this figure. It means that the more the game is played, this is the percentage of the total wager you can expect to be paid back. Checking out the ‘Variance’ of a game is also a way of identifying what type of payout can be expected. If a game is ‘low variance’ this indicates that it is a lower risk slot that you can play over a longer period of time, with mainly low jackpots. ‘Medium variance’, most video slots these days are designed like this, offering bonus features and opportunity for a decent jackpot and a high payout jackpot. As the name indicates, this is medium risk game. ‘High variance’ equates to high risk these are usually for the high rollers with the bigger bankrolls. Check out guides to learn all about the variance of the games you want to play to ensure you choose a game that suits your requirements.


Slots Rules Of Play

As well as the ‘Paytable’ information, it is important for players to understand everything about the game itself. Most of the slots today, particularly the video slots, can have other elements such as bonus rounds, free spins and special features. Slots rules can, therefore, differ from one game to another. Some bonus features and jackpots, for instance, are only activated when players have placed the maximum wager. Games can also include any number of creative symbols which add excitement and different ways to win. Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol and will differ between each game. Scatter symbols generally award additional payouts and trigger a round of thrilling free spins for players. Games can also include other bonus symbols that players need to know about and some also have multi-level bonus features. Also, the jackpot is usually paid out when a particular combination of symbols land on the reels. It is important for all players to know the slots rules on the games they choose to play!

Slots Strategies

Due to the random number generator, all machines are quite simply games of luck. There is, therefore, no certain technique or slots strategy to implement that can guarantee that a player will win. However, some suggestions and tips are about and can be useful to new players looking forward to a spin. Seasoned gamers do develop their own slots strategy regarding which games they choose to play. It is important, therefore, to start slowly with basic three reel games and then progress to the more advanced themed slots. This way, new players can find out which they enjoy the best and, have the most success with. Always try the free version first for a few practise games.

When players are ready to move on to playing with money, it is best to choose the game at which they have some experience. If they have a large bankroll, they can afford to experiment, but most players should stick to a slot they know and understand. Try to select one with a high RTP and look for bonus rounds and special features, as these will provide more winning opportunities. Players should also set a money limit and stick to it. Like any other casino game, slots are fast paced, and players can find themselves on a losing streak. When this happens, stop playing!

Different Types Of Slots

There are a huge variety of online casino slots available, so players are sure to find one that suits them. The çlassic games typically have three or five reels with one payline running vertically across the reels. These games offer very simple bonus features and are usually without any distracting storylines. Most of the latest video and 3D slots provide a specific theme of fantasy, adventure or a famous film. They are more high-tech and can offer up to seven reels, over 20 paylines and over 243 ways to win. With great audio-visual effects and thrilling bonus rounds following the theme, they offer some exciting gameplay. There are also games offering progressive jackpots, which are extremely popular amongst seasoned players. These jackpots are triggered by landing a particular symbol combination and players must wager the maximum bet. Jackpots are networked across other games and casinos, meaning that they can reach up to millions of dollars in value. Choosing to play one of these depends on what level the player is, and what kind of experience they are in the mood for.

Tips And Tricks For Slots Beginners

The most important tip is to research and select a casino site that is reputable and suits all requirements. Players can visit the casino website and see what promotions and slots they have and how easy they are to use. They are usually free to join so players can try as many as they want. Track down the best sign-up packages; bonus offers and free spins available through our guide. Try out some games on free play, select different types to find the one you prefer. When playing real money machines, remember to set a limit, stick to it and know when to move on. Make sure your first experiences are enjoyable and exciting by a little research!


Glossary Of Common Slots Terms

  • Scatter symbols – found in video slot games, these symbols will multiply your wins.
  • Wild symbols – will replace other symbols on the reels to help form a winning combination.
  • Free spins – normally in a bonus round, these extra spins are awarded free to players.
  • Paylines – this represents how many lines there are in a slot game that players can bet on.
  • RTP – the return to player percentage of the total bets wagered in the game over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Way To Beat The Game’s Random Number Generator?

There is no way that any player strategy can effectively beat any of the random number generators. They select completely random numbers on each spin – it is that simple. Trying to hack casino RNG software is illegal, so do not try it. Playing casino slots is primarily a game of player’s chance and luck!

Which Slots Are The Easiest Games To Win?

As a general rule, the casino games with the highest percentage payback (RTPs) are the easiest to win. This is because they are programmed to pay back a higher amount to players over a period of time. They offer the best odds and normally pay out small amounts frequently. Normally these slots do not have any progressive jackpots, but can still provide some good sized payouts during play.

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